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List of Presentations
Gerard Remijn Last modified date:2019.04.15

Associate Professor / Human Science Course, Human Science International Course, Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science / Department of Human Science / Faculty of Design

1. Postnova, N., Remijn, G.B., A study on the effect of sound on memorization of symbolic images, 5-SENSE 2018, 2018.09.
2. Paulus, Y.T., Herlina, Leni, K.Z., Hiramatsu, C., Remijn, G.B., A preliminary experiment on grid densities for visual password formats, iCAST 2018, 2018.09.
3. Remijn, G.B., Paulus, Y.T., Postnova, N., Cabral, J.P., Perception of audiovisual information in the real and virtual world, ICST 2018, 2018.08.
4. Cabral, J.P., Remijn, G.B., The perception of auditory icons by Japanese and Indonesian drivers – a cross-cultural study, 5-SENSE 2018, 2018.09.
5. Postnova, N., Iwamiya, S-I., Remijn, G.B., Effect of sound on memorization of visual images, Fechner Day 2018, 2018.08.
6. Aziz, F.A.A., Fauzi, H., Shapiai, M-I., Aziz, A.F.A., Remijn, G.B., Ismail, Z.H., EEG BSI-HHT in ischaemic stroke with multifocal infarction, TENCON 2017, 2017.11.
7. Cabral, J.P., Nakajima, Y., Ueda, K., Remijn, G.B., The perception of auditory icons by Japanese drivers, Fechner Day 2017, 2017.10.
8. Hokajo, M., Nakajima, Y., Ueda, K. Hiramatsu C., Nishikawa, M., Remijn, G.B., A case study on synesthesia: Is there a connection between Japanese hiraganakatakana articulation categories and color grouping?, Fechner Day 2017, 2017.10.
9. Yano, H., Nakajima, Y., Ueda, K. Yoshizawa, T., Remijn, G.B., Multi-stable motion perception in the Polka Dance stimulus, Fechner Day 2017, 2017.10.
10. Paulus, Y.T., Hiramatsu, C., Kam-Hwei Syn, Y., Remijn, G.B., Measurement of viewing distances and angles for eye tracking under different lighting conditions, ICACOMIT 2017, 2017.10.
11. Paulus, Y.T., Remijn, G.B., Kam-Hwei Syn, Y., Hiramatsu, C., The use of glasses during registration into a low-cost eye tracking device under different lighting conditions, ICACOMIT 2017, 2017.10.
12. Fauzi, H., Shapiai M-I., Yusof, R. Remijn, G., Setiawan, N.A., Ibrahim, Z., The design of spatial selection using CUR to improve CSP for multi-trial EEG classification, AsiaSim 2017, 2017.08.
13. Gerard Remijn, Tatsuya Yoshizawa, Hiraoki Yano, Quadri-stable perception induced by a visual motion stimulus, 31st International Congress on Psychology ICP2016, 2016.07.
14. Gerard Remijn, Introduction to near-infrared spectroscopy: Hemodynamic blood flow patterns in the human brain in response to sound, 10th ERA/OAE Research Meeting, 2015.07.
15. Gerard Remijn, About time processing and processing time in the auditory and visual modality, International Five-Sense Symposium, 2015.03.
16. Gerard Remijn, Auditory reorganization of gliding tones in different frequency ranges, ICMPC - APSCOM, 2014.08.
17. Gerard Remijn, Cortical hemodynamic response patterns to normal and whispered speech, 21st International Congress on Acoustics, 2013.08.
18. Gerard Remijn, Hemodynamic responses to animation films in cortex of 3- to 4-year old children, Symposium on “Speech and perception – verbal and nonverbal communication research, 2012.03.
19. Gerard Remijn, A NIRS study on the perception of normal and whispered speech in 4-6 year old children with autism spectrum disorder, 2nd Kodomo no kokoro summit, 2012.03.
20. Gerard Remijn, A NIRS study on the perception of normal and whispered speech in preschool children with autism spectrum disorder, Auditory Research Meeting, 2012.02.
21. Gerard Remijn, Attentional engagement to sound: cortical hemodynamics assessed with near-infrared spectroscopy, Auditory Research Meeting, 2010.12.
22. Gerard Remijn, NIRS-measurements of cortical hemodynamic activity in adults and preschool infants in response to static and motion stimuli, 29th International Congress on Clinical Neurophysiology, 2010.11.
23. Gerard Remijn, The influence of sound on visual motion and grouping, Auditory Research Meeting, 2010.05.
24. Gerard Remijn, Hemodynamic responses in occipital cortex of adults and 3 to 4-year old infants, COE conference of Kanazawa University, 2009.02.
25. Gerard Remijn, Audiovisual temporal order judgments in a three-is-a-crowd stimulus, 30th European Conference on Vision, 2008.07.
26. Gerard Remijn, Assessing cortical responses to auditory streaming stimuli using near-infrared spectroscopy, COE conference of Kanazawa University, 2008.02.
27. Gerard Remijn, Temporal aspects of dynamic occlusion in an ambiguous motion display, Virtual Reality Society of Japan, 2007.08.
28. Gerard Remijn, Unimodal sequential grouping versus crossmodal simultaneous grouping of auditory and visual stimuli, 29th European Conference on Visual Perception, 2007.07.
29. Gerard Remijn, Exclusive allocation of a gap that is shared by two separate sounds, 4th joint meeting of Acoustical Societies of America and Japan, 2006.08.
30. Gerard Remijn, Amodal continuation in a bistable motion paradigm, 4th Asian-Pacific Conference on Vision, 2006.06.
31. Gerard Remijn, Occluding objects solve ambiguous motion perception in a ‘streaming-bouncing’ display, 3rd Asian Conference on Vision, 2004.06.