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Toshio Ohnishi Last modified date:2019.05.28

Professor / Department of Economic Engineering / Department of Economic Engineering / Faculty of Economics

1. Takemi Yanagimoto, Toshio Ohnishi, Conjugate Analysis under Jeffreys' Prior with its Implications to Likelihood Inference, Pioneering Workshop on Extreme Value and Distribution Theories In Honor of Professor Masaaki Sibuya, 2019.03, [URL].
2. Toshio Sakata, Kosuke Okusa, Hiroyasu Sakamoto, Yukiyasu YOSHINAGA, Toshio Ohnishi, Estimation of running distance of top tennis players from video images and its applications, The 7th International Conference of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics Working Group on Computational and Methodological Statistics, 2014.12.
3. Toshio Ohnishi, Takemi Yanagimoto, Duality between likelihood and entropy in Bayesian model averaging, International Statistical Institute Regional Statistics Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2014.11.
4. Toshio Ohnishi, Duality between maximization of likelihood and Shannon entropy, The 8th Japanese-French Frontiers of Science Symposium, 2014.01.
5. Duality in Bayesian prediction and its implication.
6. Dual roles of maximizing likelihood and Shannon entropy in Bayesian prediction.
7. Ohnishi Toshio, Yanagimoto Takemi, Peter Dunn, Dual saddlepoint equalities in model averaging and their implication, The 2nd Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim Meetings, 2012.07.
8. Bayesian model e-aggregation: plural evidences and opionions.
9. Dual saddlepoint equalities in model averaging.