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Ohki Kenichi Last modified date:2016.04.08

Professor / Department of Physiology
Department of Basic Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
M.D., Ph.D.
Field of Specialization
Research Interests
  • Architecture of functional neural circuits in cerebral cortex
    keyword : neural circuits, two-photon imaging
  • Cellular- and synapse-level interaction across multiple cortical areas
    keyword : interaction, two-photon imaging
  • Regulation of synchronous activity of neurons by astrocytes
    keyword : glia, astrocyte, two-photon imaging
Current and Past Project
  • The cerebral cortex is composed of several tens of billions of neurons, and divided to tens of areas. Each area is further divided to many smaller modules - functional neural circuits. In this project, we will investigate structure and function of unitary functional circuits in the cerebral cortex, using single-cell resolution in vivo two photon calcium imaging. We will explore how unitary circuits develop and work, and elucidate basic architecture of functional neural circuits in cerebral cortex.
  • Information processing in cerebral cortex is achieved by local cortical circuits in each area as well as interaction across multiple areas. In visual information processing, there are two types of interaction: bottom-up interaction from primary visual cortex (V1) to higher visual areas, and top-down interaction from higher visual areas to V1. Visual information processing is achieved by such bi-directional interaction.
    Such inter-areal interaction has been studied as large-scale interaction without cellular or synaptic resolution using fMRI, local field potential, and EEG / MEG, but the underlying neural circuitry has not been studied at cellular or synaptic level. In this project, we will investigate three questions. (1) How information from V1 is distributed to multiple higher visual areas. (2) How complex visual selectivity of neurons in higher visual areas is formed from simple visual selectivity of V1 neurons. (3) How attention modulates neuronal response in V1. We will address these questions by imaging visual response of axons projecting from other areas and cell bodies of local neurons, using two-photon calcium imaging, and examining interaction between those axons and cell bodies.
Academic Activities
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Membership in Academic Society
  • Society for Neuroscience