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List of Papers
Kazuhiro Yamamoto Last modified date:2019.12.24

Assistant Professor / Department of Advanced Device Materials / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Hiroki Ago, Hiroko Endo, Pablo Solis-Fernandes, Rina Takizawa, Yujiro Ohta, Yusuke Fujita, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Masaharu Tsuji, Controlled van der Waals Epitaxy of Monolayer MoS2 Triangular Domains on Graphene, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015.02.
2. Kazuyoshi Kurihara, Akira Otomo, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Junichi Takahara, Masahiko Tani, Fumiyoshi Kuwashima, Identification of plasmonic modes in parabolic cylinder geometry by quasi-separation of variables, Plasmonics, 10, 165-182, 2015.02.
3. Andrew M. Spring, Daisuke Maeda, Masaaki Ozawa, Keisuke Odoi, Qiu Feng, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, An analysis of the structural, thermal and optical characteristics as well as the electrical resistivity of tert-butyldiphenylsilyl substituted poly(norbornene-dicarboximide)s, Polymer,, 56, 189-198, 2015.01.
4. Andrew M. Spring, Daisuke Maeda, Masaaki Ozawa, Keisuke Odoi, Qiu Feng, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Glass transition temperature control by poly(norbornene-dicarboximide) copolymers, Polymer Bulletin, 10.1007/s00289-014-1283-2, 2014.12.
5. Andrew M. Spring, Feng Yu, Qiu Feng, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, The preparation of well-controlled poly(N-cyclohexyl-exo-norbornene-5,6-dicarboximide) polymers, Polymer J. , 10.1038/pj.2014.26, 2014.05.
6. Yue Jia, Andrew M. Spring, Feng Yu, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Isao Aoki, Akira Otomo, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, A Norbornene polymer brush for electro-optic applications, Thin Solid Films, 10.1016/j.tsf.2013.06.071, 554, 175-179, 2014.03.
7. Jia Yue, Andrew M. Spring, Qiu Feng, Feng Yu, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Isao Aoki, Akira Otomo, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Electro-optic properties of a bi-chromophore norbornene polymer brush system, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 10.7567/JJAP.53.01AF04, 53, 1, 01AF04-1-01AF04-5, 2014.01.
8. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Akira Otomo, On-chip superfocusing of surface plasmon using metal-coat tapered optical fiber pairs with nano-gap structures, Proc. SPIE, 8632, 863228-1-863228-8, 2013.03.
9. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, YU FENG, LU LI, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Akira Otomo, Kei Yasui, Masaaki Ozawa, Electro-optic waveguide with conductive chromophore contained polymer cladding, Proc. SPIE, 8622, 86221K-1-86221K-6, 2013.03.
10. YU FENG, SPRING ANDREW, LU LI, QIU FENG, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Daisuke Maeda, Masaaki Ozawa, Keisuke Oodoi, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, An Enhanced Host-guest Optical Polymer System using Poly(norbornene-dicarboximide) via ROMP, J. Polym. Sci. A, 51, 2012.12.
11. Yuichi Mori, Kosei Nakaya, Xianqing Piao, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Akira Otomo, and Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Large Electro-Optic Activity and Enhanced Temporal Stability of Methacrylate-Based Crosslinking Hyperbranched Nonlinear Optical Polymer, J. Polym. Sci. A, 50, 1254-1260, 2012.02.
12. Feng Yu, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Xianqing Piao, and Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Multimode interference waveguide switch of electro-optic polymer with tapered access waveguides, Physics Procedia, 14, 25-28, 2011.05.
13. F. Inoue, T. Yokoyama, S. Tanaka, K. Yamamoto, and S. Shingubara, Addition of PEG-Thiol to Cu Electroless Plating Bath for Realizing  Perfect Conformal Deposition in Through-Si Via Holes for 3-D Integration, ECS Transactions, 25, 38, 31-36, 2010.06.
14. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi Kurihara, Junichi Takahara and Akira Otomo, Effective Excitation of Superfocusing Surface Plasmons Using Phase Controlled Waveguide Modes, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 1182, 1182-EE13-05 , 1182, 1182-EE13-05, 2009.11.
15. F. Inoue, M. Koyanagi, T. Fukushima, K. Yamamoto, S. Tanaka, Z. Wang and S. Shingubara, Cu Filling Characteristics in Through Si Via Holes by Electroless Plating with addition of inhibitor, ECS Transaction, 16, 27-32, 2009.06.
16. F. Inoue, Y. Harada, M. Koyanagi, T. Fukushima, K. Yamamoto, S. Tanaka, Z. Wang, and S. Shingubara, Perfect Conformal Deposition of Electroless Cu for High Aspect Ratio Through-Si Vias, Elecrochemical and Solid State Letters, 12, H381-H384, 2009.06.
17. Kazuyoshi Kurihara, Junichi Takahara, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Akira Otomo, Identifying plasmonic modes in a circular paraboloidal geometry by quasi-separation of variables, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 42, 185401(39pp), 2009.06.
18. Kazuyoshi Kurihara, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Junichi Takahara, and Akira Otomo, Superfocusing modes of surface plasmon polaritons in a wedge-shaped geometry obtained by quasi-separation of variables, J. Phys. A:Math. Theor., 41, 295401(48pp), 2008.06.
19. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Kouki Totsuka and Haruhiko Ito, Deflecting Atoms through a Submicron-sized Slit with Near-Field Light, Optical Review, 13, 357-360, 13, 357-360, 2006.08.
20. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Kouki Totsuka, Haruhiko Ito and Tomohiro Sato, Two-step photoionization of cold atoms by two-color evanescent light waves and application to atom detection with high spatial resolution, Optics Communications, 265, 692-695, 265, 692-695, 2006.08.
21. Haruhiko Ito, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Akifumi Takamizawa, Hiroyuki Kashiwagi, Takashi Yatsui, Deflecting, focusing, and funnelling atoms by near-field light, JOURNAL OF OPTICS A-PURE AND APPLIED OPTICS, 10.1088/1464-4258/8/4/S16, 8, 4, S153-S160, 2006.04.
22. Kouki Totsuka, Haruhiko Ito, Kiichi Suzuki, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Motoichi Ohtsu, Takashi Yatsui, A slit-type atom deflector with near-field light , Applied Physics Letters, 10.1063/1.1558222, 82, 10, 1616-1618, 2003.03.