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Materials Engineering, Hydrogen Storage, Energy Storage, Inorganic Materials, Funcational Materials
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Outline Activities
Our research activities aim at the development of advanced materials and systems for efficient hydrogen storage and transportation, incorporating the exploration of basic scientific principles relevant to them. In particular, we focus on the development of metal hydrides and complex hydrides for “high-density hydrogen storage”, as well as “other novel functions” such as electrochemical properties. Currently we are working on projects involving the syntheses, atomic/electronic structures analyses and property characterizations of hydrides. The main research themes are shown as follows,
・ Syntheses and property characterizations of light element based hydrides
・ Analyses of atomic arrangements and electronic structures of hydrides
・ Establishment of designing guidelines of hydrides for high efficient hydrogen storage/transportation
・ Exploration and designing of hydrides with novel functions such as electrochemical properties
Research Interests
  • Improvement of hydrogen storage and ionic conductivity of complex hydrides based on tailoring polyatomic anion
    keyword : Hydride, hydrogen storage, ionic conductivity
  • Mechanism clarification and control of dehydrogenation of complex hydrides by nanoconfinement (Fostering Joint International Research)
    keyword : complex hydride, hydrogen storage, nanoconfinement
  • Efficient Utilization of Heat and Electric power from Renewable Energy in Urban Areas Mediated by Hydrogen Energy
    keyword : Hydrogen energy, hydrogen storage, Renewable energy
  • Development of hydrides with super ionic conductivity
    keyword : hydride, complex hydride, super ionic conductivity, solid-state electrolyte
  • Conversion of CO2 into Hydrocarbon Fuel with Hydride
    keyword : CO2 conversion, Hydrocarbon Fuel, Hydride
  • Development of hydrogen storage materials for Ni-MH battery
    keyword : Ni-MH battery, hydrogen storage
  • Mechanistic clarification and de/rehydrogenation improvement of complex hydrides confined in nanospace
    keyword : hydrogen, hydrogen storage, complex hydride, nanospace
  • Development of magnesium-based hydrogen gas sensor using surface acoustic wave
    keyword : hydrogen, sensor, magnesium
  • Development of high-density hydrogen storage materials through controlling nanostructure
    keyword : hydrogen, hydrogen storage, nanostructure
  • Development of B-N based hydrides for high density hydrogen storage
    keyword : hydrogen, hydride, hydrogen storage
  • Development of complex hydrides for hydrogen strorage from a viewpoint of atomic diffusion
    keyword : hydrogen, hydrogen storage, complex hydrides, atomic diffusion
  • Development of chemical hydrides for onboard hydrogen storage materials
    keyword : Chemical hydride, Complex hydride, Borohydride, Amide, Alanate, Hydrogen Storage
  • Fundamental studies on Boron-based complex hydrides―Mechanistic clarification and performance improvement of De-/Re-hydrogenation reactions
    keyword : Hydrogen storage, Complex hydride, Boron, Borohydride
  • Boron-based complex hydrides for high-density hydrogen storage
    keyword : Hydrogen storage, Complex hydride, Boron
  • Systematic studies on hydrogen related de-/re-combinations and applications for advanced hydrogen storage media
    keyword : Hydrogen storage, complex hydride, boron
  • Optimization of surface nanostructure of hydrogen storage alloys as negative electrodes for Ni-metal hydride batteries
    keyword : Hydrogen storage alloy, Nickel-metal hydride battery, nanostructure
  • Structural changes by hydrogenation and hydrogen-induced amorphization in C15 Laves phase compounds
    keyword : Hydrogen, Hydrogen storage, Hydrogen-induced amorphization, Laves phase
Academic Activities
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Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Institute of Metals
  • Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan
  • Materials Research Society