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List of Papers
Akie Kawasaki Last modified date:2020.01.30

Assistant Professor / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Akie Kawasaki, Katsuhisa Kohroki, Mechanization strategy of small-scale contractors in Japan, EXCEEDING THE VISION:FOREST MECHANISATION OF THE FUTURE Proceedings of the 52nd International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization, 417-421, ISBN 978-963-334-343-2, 2019.10.
2. Akie Kawasaki, Women forestry worker's work pattern and wage in Japan, IUFRO 3.08 & 6.08 Joint Conference, 121-127, 2014.06.
3. Katsuhisa Kohroki and Akie Kawasaki, Could self-employed forest owner be leaders?, IUFRO 3.08 & 6.08 Joint Conference, 480-487, 2014.06.
4. Changes of log procurement area under the period of timber industrial reorganization: A case of Maniwa area in Okayama prefecture..
5. Carola Häggström, Akie Kawasaki, Gun Lidestav, Profiles of forestry contractors and development of the forestry-contracting sector in Sweden, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 1-10, 2012.11.
6. SATO Noriko and KAWASAKI Akie, Women’s Status as Owners and Workers in Japanese Forestry, XX III IUFRO World Congress, pp480, 2010.08.