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Kyoko Funahashi Last modified date:2018.06.07

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
Research Interest
1.Social transformation as seen from rite of passage
2.Social groups of prehistoric society

Training charge
1.Training for museum curation of human skeltal remains
2.Training for excavation of human skeletal remains
Research Interests
  • Reconstruction of an immigration in ancient society based on Sr isotope analysis of human teeth
    keyword : Sr isotope analysis, kinship, immigration, ancient society
  • Study of the rite of passage and social groups in prehistoric and ancient society
    keyword : skeltal remains, tooth extraction, tooth crown measurment, rite of passage, social groups
Academic Activities
1. Tooth extraction and social groups .
1. Shiori Yonemoto, Tatsuro Adachi, Kyoko Funahashi, Nobuhiko Nakano, and Yasuhito Osanai , The Strontium analysis on the human skeletal remains from the Khyar Kharaach site in the Gobi Altai, Mongolia, Excavations at Bor Ovoo and Khyar Kharaach Sites: The second Report on Joint Mongolia-Japanese Excavations in Outer Mongolia, 2017.06.
2. Shiori Yonemoto, Tatsuro Adachi, Nobuhiko Nakano, Kyoko Funahashi, Yoshinori Tajiri, Yasuhito Osanai, The Strontium analysis on the human skeletal remains of the Bronze age from Tevsh Site in Mongol , Excavations at Daram and Tevsh Sites A report on Joint Mongolian-Japanese Excavations in Outer Mongolia , 2016.06.
3. 米元 史織, 足立 達朗, 中野 伸彦, 舟橋 京子, 小山内 康人, 小山内 康人, The Strontium analysis on the human skeletal remains of the Bronze Age from the Tevsh sites in the southern Khangai, Mongol, Excavations at Daram and Tevsh Sites:A report on Joint Mongolian-Japanese Excavations in Outer Mongolia, Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University, 2016.03.
1. Funahashi, K (2009) ‘Reconstructing Jomon society as seen from skeletal remains’, Archaeological Research (55)4, 12-27.
2. FUNAHASHI, Kyoko. and TANAKA, Yoshiyuki., Methods of Tooth Extraction in Prehistoric Japan and Korea:a comparative study. Interaction and Transformations, Interaction and Transformations, 2, 63-98, 2004.03.
3. Funahashi, K and Tanaka, Y (2001) ‘A study of the social meanings of lower tooth ablation in Yayoi period’ in Basic Structure of Human Societies, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies of Kyushu university (ed), Study of the History of Exchange between the Kyushu island and the Korean Peninsula, Fukuoka: Midori insatsu..
4. Funahashi, K (2003) ‘The age of tooth ablation and its ritual meanings in Jomon period’, Archaeological Research (50)1, 56-76.
5. Funahashi Kyoko., 2000. Social meaning of a ritual tooth ablation in Doigahama group. Kobunkadanso, 25:pp43-71.
1. , [URL].
Membership in Academic Society
  • The anthropological society of Nippon
  • Archaeological society of Kyushu
  • Japanese archaeological association
  • Ritual tooth extraction and social groupings,2010,Suirensha,Tokyo.
Educational Activities
Training for excavation and cleaning, curation of skeltal remains, reconstruction of ancient society based on the osteoarchaeology