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Norio Yoshida Last modified date:2019.04.27

Associate Professor / Faculty of Sciences / Department of Chemistry / Faculty of Sciences

1. Norio Yoshida, Fumio Hirata, "Statistical mechanical integral equation approach to reveal the solvation effect on hydrolysis free energy of ATP and its analogue", in M. Suzuki (Ed.) "The Role of Water in ATP Hydrolysis Energy Transduction by Protein Machinery", Springer Science, 2018.06.
2. Norio Yoshida, Katsura Nishiyama, Molecular Aspects of Solvation Investigated using Statistical Mechanics, in Leszczynski (Ed.): "Handbook of Computational Chemistry", 2nd edn, Springer Science, 2016.06.
3. Fumio Hirata, Norio Yoshida, Bongsoo Kim, "Theory of Molecular Recognition and Structural Fluctuation of Biomolecules", in Terazima et al.(Ed.) "Molecular Science of Fluctuations Toward Biological Functions", Chapter 8 , Springer Science, 2016.04.
4. Norio Yoshida, Yasuomi Kiyota, Thanyada Rungrotmongkol, Saree Phongphanphanee, Takashi Imai, Fumio Hirata*, Statistical-mechanics theory of molecular recognition: water and other molecules recognized by protein, in Bihan and Fukuyama (Ed.): "Water, the forgotten biological molecule.", Pan Stanford Publishing, Chapter 4, 63-87頁, 2010.01.
5. Norio Yoshida, Yasuomi Kiyota, Yasuhiro Ikuta, Takashi Imai, Fumio Hirata*, Model-Free "Solvent Modeling" in Chemistry and Biochemistry Based on the Statistical Mechanics of Liquids, in Feig (Ed.) : "Modeling Solvent Environments.", WILLY-VCH, Capter 2, 31-54頁, 2010.01.
6. Takashi Imai, Norio Yoshida, Andriy Kovalenko, Fumio Hirata*, A Statistical Mechanics Theory of Molecular Recognition, in Terazima et al. (Ed.) : "Water and Biomolecules - Physical Chemistry of Life Phenomena.", Springer Science, Chapter 10, 187-210頁, 2009.01.