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Norio Yoshida Last modified date:2018.06.12

Associate Professor / Faculty of Sciences
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Sciences

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Research Interests
  • Theoretical study on the electronic structure of solvated molecule and biomolecule combined with statistical mechanics.
    keyword : Quantum chemistry, Statistical mechanics, Liquid state theory
Academic Activities
1. Norio Yoshida, Takashi Imai, Saree Phongphanphanee, Andriy Kovalenko, Fumio Hirata*, Molecular Recognition in Biomolecules Studied by Statistical Mechanical Integral-Equation Theory of Liquids, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Feature Article, 2009.10.
1. Ryosuke Ishizuka, Norio Yoshida, Extended Molecular Ornstein-Zernike Integral Equation for Fully Anisotropic Solute Molecules: Formulation in a Rectangular Coordinate System, The Journal of Chemical Physics,], 139, 084119, 2013.08.
2. Norio Yoshida, Yasuomi Kiyota, Fumio Hirata*, The electronic-structure theory of a large-molecular system in solution: Application to the intercalation of proflavine with solvated DNA, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 159, 83, 2011.03.
3. Norio Yoshida, Saree Phongphanphanee, Yutaka Maruyama, Takashi Imai, Fumio Hirata*, Selective ion-binding by protein probed with the 3D-RISM theory, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Communication, 128, 12042, 2006.05.
4. Norio Yoshida, Shigeki Kato*, Molecular Ornstein-Zernike approach to the solvent effects on solute electronic structures in solution, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 113, 4974, 2000.09.
1. 吉田 紀生, Multiscale implementation of 3D-RISM to the electronic structure theory being applicable for solvated biomolecules, Pacifichem2015, 2015.12.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The physical society of Japan
  • Japan society for molecular science
  • The chemical society of Japan
  • The Japan association of solution chemistry