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Norichika Sago Last modified date:2016.06.30

Assistant Professor / Division for Arts and Science
Division for Theoretical Natural Science
Faculty of Arts and Science

Academic Degree
Ph.D. (Science)
Field of Specialization
Gravitational wave physics
Research Interests
  • Research on gravitational wave sources using black hole perturbation theory
    keyword : Gravitational wave, Black hole perturbation, Gravitational self-force
Academic Activities
1. Norichika Sago, Ryuichi Fujita, Hiroyuki Nakano, Accuracy of the Post-Newtonian Approximation for Extreme-Mass Ratio Inspirals from Black-hole Perturbation Approach, arXiv:1601.02174.
2. Norichika Sago, Ryuichi Fujita, Calculation of radiation reaction effect on orbital parameters in Kerr spacetime, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2015, arXiv:1505.01600, 2015.07.
3. Soichiro Isoyama, Hiroyuki Nakano, Ryuichi Fujita, Sago Norichika, Takahiro Tanaka, Evolution of the Carter constant for a resonant inspiral into a Kerr black hole: I. The scalar case, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2013, 6, arXiv:1302.4035 [gr-qc], 2013.06.
4. Soichiro Isoyama, Ryuichi Fujita, Norichika Sago, Hideyuki Tagoshi, Takahiro Tanaka, Impact of the second order self-forces on the dephasing of the gravitational waves from quasi-circular extreme mass-ratio inspirals, Physical Review D, 87, 2, 024010, 2013.01.
5. Sarp Akcay, Leor Barack, Thibault Damour, Norichika Sago , Gravitational self-force and the effective-one-body formalism between the innermost stable circular orbit and the light ring, Physical Review D, 86, 104041, 2012.11.
1. 佐合 紀親, Calculation of radiation reaction effect on orbital parameters in Kerr spacetime, 18th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity, 2015.07.01.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Physics Education Society of Japan
  • The Physical Society of Japan