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CYNTHEA BOGEL Last modified date:2018.05.31

Professor / Faculty of Humanities / Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Humanities

1. Cynthea Jean Bogel, Contemplations and Imagery: Issues Relevant to Ancient Japanese Buddhist Icons, Ritual Practice, and Cultural Contexts, Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, 191–222, 2010.09.
2. Cynthea Jean Bogel, The Objects of Transmission and the Subjects of History: Kūkai’s Shōrai mokuroku, Bulletin of the Research Institute of Esoteric Buddhist Culture (Mikkyō Bunka Kenkyūsho Kiyō), 2, 67–99, 2004.10.
3. Cynthea Jean Bogel, Canonizing Kannon
The ninth-century Esoteric Buddhist Altar at Kanshinji, Art Bulletin, 84, 1, 30-64, 2002.03.
4. Cynthea Jean Bogel, Buddhist Representation and Worship: The Nara Period, Meiji Daigaku kokusai kōryūkikinjigyō (Meiji University International Studies Proceedings), 5, 11–36, 1996.06.
5. Cynthea Jean Bogel, A Matter of Definition: Japanese Esoteric Art and the Construction of a Japanese Esoteric History, Waseda Journal of Asian Studies, 18, 23–39, 1996.04.
6. Cynthea Jean Bogel, Shigeru Tsuji, “Brunelleschi and the Camera Obscura: The Discovery of Pictorial Perspective” (translation), Art History, 13, 276–292, 1990.09.