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Haruyoshi Maeda Last modified date:2016.10.21

Professor / Graduate School of Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Paleontology and Mineralogy
The Kyushu University Museum

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Introduction of Paleontology Lab. by Prof. H. Maeda. .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
Research of Paleontology (ammonoid paleoecology, and taphonomy of fossil-Lagerstätten); Education and supervising for graduate- and post-graduate students; Outreach for citizens; Contribution to academic societies as the councilor.
Research Interests
  • Systematics, evolution, paleoecology, and taphonomy of ammonoids. Origin and implication of exceptionally well-preserved fossils (fossil Lagerstätten)
    keyword : paleontology, systematics, paleoecology, taphonomy, ammonoids, fossil Lagerstätten, preservation mechanism
Current and Past Project
  • Taphonomy and paleoecological approaches for fossil-Lagerstätten showing soft-part preservation
  • Joint-research program for the Cretaceous System in Sakhalin, Russian Far East
  • Joint-research program for the Cretaceous System in Sakhalin, Russian Far East
  • Joint-research program for the Cretaceous System in Sakhalin, Russian Far East
Academic Activities
1. Shigeta Yasunari, Zakharov, Y.D., Maeda Haruyoshi, Popov, A.M., The Lower Triassic System in the Abrek area, south Primorye, Russia, National Science Museum, Tokyo, National Science Museum Monographs, No.31, 1—136, 2009.03.
2. Shigeta Yasunari, Maeda Haruyoshi, The Cretaceous System in the Makarov area, southern Sakhalin, Russian Far East, National Science Museum, Tokyo, National Science Museum Monographs, No.31, 1—136, 2005.12.
3. Maeda Haruyoshi, Seilacher A., Ammonoid Taphonomy in Ammonoid Paleobiology, Prenum Pess, New York, 543—578, 1996.06.
1. Tanaka Gengo, Parker, A.R., YHasegawa Yoshikazu, Siveter, D.J., Yamamoto Ryoichi, Miyashita Kiyoshi, Takahashi Yuichi, Ito Shosuke, Wakamatsu Kazumasa, Mukuda Takao, Matsuura Marie, Tomikawa Ko, Furutani Masumi, Suzuki Kayo, Maeda Haruyoshi, Mineralized rods and cones suggest colour vision in a 300 Myr-old fossil fish., Nature Communications, 5, 2014.12.
2. Misaki Akhiro, Maeda Haruyoshi, Kumae Taro, Ichida Masahiro, Commensal anomiid bivalves on Late Cretaceous heteromorph ammonites from southwest Japan, Palaeontology, 57, 2014.02.
3. Fujino Shigehiro, Maeda Haruyoshi, Environmental changes and shallow marine fossil bivalve assemblages of the Lower Cretaceous Miyako Group, NE Japan, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 64, 2013.01.
4. Tanaka Gengo, Matsushima Yoshiaki, Maeda Haruyoshi, Holocoene ostracods from the borehole core at Oppama Park, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan: Paleoenvironmental analysis and the discovery of a fossil ostracod with three- dimensionally preserved soft parts, Paleontological Research, 16, 1, 2012.04.
5. Maeda Haruyoshi, Tanaka Gengo, Shimobayashi Norimasa, Ohno Terufumi, Matsuoka Hiroshige, Cambrian Orsten lagerstätte from the Alum Shale Formation: fecal pellets as a probable source of phosphatic preservation, Palaios, 26, 2011.04.
6. Tanaka Gengo, Taniuchi, H., Maeda Haruyoshi, Nomura Shin'ichi, Original structural color preserved in an ancient leaf beetle, Geology, 38, 2010.03.
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8. Nishimura Tomohiro, Maeda Haruyoshi, Tanaka Gengo, Ohno Terufumi, Taxonomic evaluation of various morphological characters in the Late Cretaceous desmoceratine polyphyletic genus "Damesites" from the Yezo Group in Hokkaido and Sakhalin, Paleontological Research, 14, 1, 2010.03.
9. Tsujino Takumi, Maeda Haruyoshi, Maeda Yoko, Taphonomic processes in diatomaceous laminites of the Pleistocene Shiobara Group (caldera-fill, lacustrine), Northeastern Japan, Paleontological Research, 13, 3, 2009.09.
10. Matsunaga Takeshi, Maeda Haruyoshi, Shigeta Yasunari, Hasegawa Koji, Nomura Shin'ichi, Nishimura Tomohiro, First discovery of Pravitoceras sigmoidale Yabe from the Yezo Supergroup in Hokkaido, Japan, Paleontological Research, 12, 4, 2008.12.
11. Allison P.A., Maeda Haruyoshi, Tsujino Takumi, Maeda Yoko, Exceptional preservation within Pleistocene lacustrine sediments of Shiobara, Japan, Palaios, 23, 4, 2008.08.
12. Maeda Haruyoshi, Mapes, R.H., Mapes, G., Taphononic features of a Lower Permian beached cephalopod assemblage from central Texas, Palaios, 18, 4, 5, 2003.10.
13. Maeda Haruyoshi, Dimorphism of two late Cretaceous false-puzosiine ammonites, Yokoyamaoceras Wright and Matsumoto, 1954 and Neopuzosia Matsumoto, 1954, Trans. Proc. Palaeont. Soc. Japan, N.S., 169, 1993.06.
14. Maeda Haruyoshi, Sheltered preservation: a peculiar mode of ammonite occurrence in the Cretaceous Yezo Group, Hokkaido, north Japan, Lethaia, 24, 1, 1991.03.
15. Maeda Haruyoshi, Taphonomy of ammonites from the Cretaceous Yezo Group in the Tappu area, northwestern Hokkaido, Japan, Trans. Proc. Palaeont. Soc. Japan, N.S., 148, 1987.12.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Palaeontological Society of Japan
  • Geological Society of Japan
  • Sedimentological Society of Japan
  • The Palaeontological Association
  • The Palaeontographical Society
  • International Paleontological Association
  • Paleontological Society
  • SEPM
  • Geological Society of America
  • The best poster-presentation prize for the Palaeontological Society of Japan in 2010.
  • The best paper prize for the Palaeontological Society of Japan in 2008-2009 period.
  • Promotion Award of the Palaeontological Society of Japan to Paleoecological studies of ammonoids.
  • The best paper prize for the Palaeontological Society of Japan in 1992-1993 period.
  • The best paper prize of the Palaeontological Society of Japan in 1987-1988 period.