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Atsuko Mizuno Last modified date:2018.01.30

Associate Professor / Fields in International Economic Analysis
Department of International Economy and Business
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Ph.D., Economics
Field of Specialization
Area study on Myanmar Economy, Asian Economy, Development Economics
Research Interests
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of Myanmar's Reintegration into the Global Economy on Suburban Villages
    keyword : Myanmar Economy, Industrialization, Urbanization, Rural development
  • Growth of Garment industry in the Least Developing Countries: the Case of Myanmar
    keyword : Least Developing Countries, Garment Industry, Asian economy, Area study on Myanmar Economy
  • Myanmar Economic Study : Labour Migration and Economic Development Process
    keyword : Myanmar Economy, Labour Migration, Economic Development
  • Economic Relations Between Myanmar and China
    keyword : Area Study on Myanmar Economy, China, Foreign Economic Relations
Academic Activities
1. K. Odaka (Ed.), The Myanmar Economy: Its Past, Present and Prospects, Springer, Atsuko Mizuno. 'Chapter 8.Economic Relations between Myanmar and China'. pp.195-224, 2015.11.
1. Atsuko Mizuno, Are India’s plans in Myanmar a pipeline or a pipe dream?, East Asia Forum, 2017.03, [URL].
2. Atsuko Mizuno, Sino–Japanese competition heats up over Myanmar’s SEZs, East Asia Forum, 2016.04, [URL].
1. A study on the Growth of Garment Industry in Myanmar with a focus on the Changing Division of Labor with Thailand.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association for Asian Studies
  • Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies
  • The Society for Industrial Studies, Japan
  • Japan Association for Malaysian Studies (JAMS)