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Naoki Iwamori Last modified date:2018.06.12

Associate Professor / Agricultural Bioresource Sciences
Department of Bioresource Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

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Field of Specialization
Reproductive biology, Stem cell biology, Epigenetics
Outline Activities
My research interest is epigenetic regulation of development and differentiation of germ cells. Now I am focusing on epigenetic regulation of spermatogonial stem cells as well as spermatogenesis.
Research Interests
  • Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells and in vitro derivation of germ cells from non-rodent mammals to apply for rare animals
    keyword : pluripotent stem cells, iPS cells, in vitro derivation of germ cells, rare animals
  • The role of histone demethylases on sex chromosome in the sex determination.
    keyword : sex determination, germ cell, histone demethylase, sex chromosome
  • The study of epigenetic regulation during neural differentiation
    keyword : epigenetics, neural stem cell, neural differentiation, histone demethylase
  • Epigenetic regulation of germ cell development and differentiation
    ・The role of histone demethylases in the regulation of spermatogonial stem cells
    ・Regulatory mechanisms of histone acetylation during spermatogenesis
    keyword : Epigenetics, Spermatogonial stem cells, Histone demethylase, Acetylation of histones
Academic Activities
1. N. IWAMORI, Regulation of spermatogonial stem cell compartment in the mouse testis, Fukuoka Igaku Zassh, 2014.01.
1. Naoki IWAMORI, Kaoru Tominaga, Sato Tetsuya, Kevin Riehle, Tokuko Iwamori, Yasuyuki Ohkawa, Cristian Coarfa, Etsuro Ono, Martin M. Matzuk, MRG15 is required for pre-mRNA splicing and spermatogenesis, PNAS, in press, 2016.08, Splicing can be epigenetically regulated and involved in cellular differentiation in somatic cells, but the interplay of epigenetic factors and the splicing machinery during spermatogenesis re- mains unclear. To study these interactions in vivo, we generated a germline deletion of MORF-related gene on chromosome 15 (MRG15), a multifunctional chromatin organizer that binds to methylated histone H3 lysine 36 (H3K36) in introns of transcriptionally active genes and has been implicated in regulation of histone acetyla- tion, homology-directed DNA repair, and alternative splicing in somatic cells. Conditional KO (cKO) males lacking MRG15 in the germline are sterile secondary to spermatogenic arrest at the round spermatid stage. There were no significant alterations in meiotic division and histone acetylation. Specific mRNA sequences disappeared from 66 germ cell-expressed genes in the absence of MRG15, and specific intronic sequences were retained in mRNAs of 4 genes in the MRG15 cKO testes. In particular, introns were retained in mRNAs encoding the transition proteins that replace histones during sperm chromatin condensation. In round spermatids, MRG15 colocalizes with splicing factors PTBP1 and PTBP2 at H3K36me3 sites between the exons and single intron of transition nuclear protein 2 (Tnp2). Thus, our results reveal that MRG15 is essential for pre- mRNA splicing during spermatogenesis and that epigenetic regula- tion of pre-mRNA splicing by histone modification could be useful to understand not only spermatogenesis but also, epigenetic disor- ders underlying male infertile patients..
2. Dae Hwi Park, Sung Jun Hong, Ryan D. Salinas, Siyuan John Liu, Shawn W. Sun, Jacopo Sgualdino, Giuseppe Testa, Martin M. Matzuk, N. IWAMORI, Daniel A. Lim, Activation of Neuronal Gene Expression by the JMJD3 Demethylase Is Required for Postnatal and Adult Brain Neurogenesis, CELL REPORTS, 10.1016/j.celrep.2014.07.060, 8, 5, 1290-1299, 2014.09.
3. Naoki Iwamori, Tokuko Iwamori, Martin M. Matzuk, H3K27 demethylase, JMJD3, regulates fragmentation of spermatogonial cysts., PLoSONE, 2013.08.
4. Iwamori N, Iwamori T, Matzuk MM, Characterization of spermatogonial stem cells lacking intercellular bridges and genetic replacement of a mutation in spermatogonial stem cells. , PLoS One , 7, 6, e38914, 2012.06.
5. Iwamori N, Zhao M, Meistrich ML, Matzuk MM, The testis-enriched histone demethylase, JMJD2D, regulates methylation of histone H3 lysine 9 during spermatogenesis but is dispensable for fertility. , Biol. Reprod, 84, 6, 1225-1234, 2011.06.
1. Naoki Iwamori, Sakurako Shima, Tokuko Iwamori, Hiroshi Iida, The role of H3K27 demethylases in the regulation of spermatogonial stem cells, 第16回幹細胞シンポジウム, 2018.06.
2. Iwamori N, Iwamori T, Shima S, Iida H, The role of JMJD3 in the regulation of intercellular bridges during the fragmentation of spermatogonial cysts., The 4th WCRB, 2017.09.
3. Iwamori N, Iwamori T, Iida H, The role of JMJD3 in the regulation of spermatogonial stem cells., ISSCR 2017, 2017.06.
4. N. IWAMORI, The role of H3K27 demethylase, JMJD3, in the regulation of spermatogonial stem cells, The 3rd SKLRB Symposium on Reproductive Biology, 2014.10.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Stem Cell Research Symposium
  • The Zoological Society of Japan
  • Japanese Society for Epigenetics
  • The Society of Reproduction and Development
  • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
  • The society for study of reproduction
  • International society for stem cells research