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Takashi MATSUMOTO Last modified date:2017.11.08

Assistant Professor / The Kyushu University Museum
Institute for Advanced Study
Institute for Advanced Study

Undergraduate School

Biography .
The Kyushu University Museum 3D DATA Collection .
Academic Degree
Ph.D. in Media and Governance
Field of Specialization
Media Design
Outline Activities
Designing platforms for digital archives. Researching provenance of designed objects for digital archiving.
Research Interests
  • Exhibition planning and outreach activities using design methodologies and media technologies.
    keyword : Media Design, Museum Study
Academic Activities
1. Exhibition: Design Makes Fukuoka Happy : Annual Special Exhibition of the Kyushu University Museum 2014.
1. Kinshi Gas X-ray Tube in a Collection of the Kyushu University Museum : Development Processes of Early Japanese Gas X-ray Tubes, [URL].
2. , [URL].
3. Maribeth Back, Takashi Matsumoto, Dunnigan Anthony, Prototyping a tangible tool for design: Multimedia e-paper sticky notes, AI EDAM-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR ENGINEERING DESIGN ANALYSIS AND MANUFACTURING, 23, 3, 263-274, 2009.08, [URL].
4. Takashi Matsumoto, Sho Hashimoto, Naohito Okude, The embodied Web: embodied Web-services interaction with an umbrella for augmented city experiences, COMPUTER ANIMATION AND VIRTUAL WORLDS, 19, 1, 49-66, 2008.02, [URL].
Works, Software and Database
1. Design of the Condor Corbels on the Faculty of Engineering Main Building in the Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University.
2. MISAKO MISHIMA, Takashi MATSUMOTO, Shigeru Takano, Osamu Matsuda, KOKOPIN App: A mobile platform for biogeography, The 2nd ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Analysis for Ecological Data, 2013.10.21, [URL].
Other Research Activities
  • 2007.07, Back, Maribeth, Tony Dunnigan and Takashi Matsumoto. "Post-Bits." Pixelspaces Onfield, ARS Electronica. Linz, Austria. .
  • 2008.07, Matsumoto, Takashi, and Sho Hashimoto. "Pileus." Exhibition. Campus Futuro, Campus Party 08 Valencia. E3 Futura. Valencia, Spain.
  • 2008.05, Matsumoto, Takashi, and Sho Hashimoto "Pileus Interneteko Aterkia." Exhibition. InternetEguna 2008, Día de Internet. SPRI / Basque Government. Llodio, Árava, Basque, Spain.
  • 2008.04, Matsumoto, Takashi and Sho Hashimoto. "Pileus." Exhibition. Next No.5: Mind Blowers- The Nordic Trendshop. Innovation Lab. Aarhus, Denmark.
  • 2007.11, Hashimoto, Sho, and Takashi Matsumoto "Pileus: The Internet Umbrella." Exhibition. The Web 2.0 Generation, Enter3, The 3rd International Festival for Arts, Science and Technologies. Academy of Science of the Czech Republic / CIANT. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • 2007.07, Matsumoto, Takashi and Sho Hashimoto "Internet Umbrella." Exhibition. SuperStore3, Modefabriek, Amsterdam Fashion Week. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 2007.04, Matsumoto, Takashi, and Sho Hashimoto. "Pileus Flickr Umbrella." Exhibition. Breakthrough: An Amateur Photography Revolution. SFAC Gallery. San Francisco, CA, USA.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
  • Architectural Institute of Japan
  • Japanese Society of History of Industrial Technology
  • Japanese Association for Musescience
  • ACM Multimedia 2005 FXPAL Best Vision Video Award
  • Laval Virtual 2007 Prix de l'innovation
Professional and Outreach Activities
Planning museum events to appeal local and global communities. Developing exhibitions and public relations of the museum..