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Hatsumi Taniguchi Last modified date:2020.01.30

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Research Interests
  • Action research for prevention of obesity during pregnancy in Mongolia
    keyword : obesity during pregnancy in Mongolia
  • The study of effects of reproductive health in each life stage of women and their family using the concept of transition

    keyword : transition
  • study about the process of becoming a mother & a father
    keyword : becoming a mother and a father,
  • Study about maternal and child health in the global community
    keyword : maternal anc child health, community, global sociaty
  • Study about simulation learning
    keyword : sumulation learning
Academic Activities
1. Hatsumi Taniguchi, Mieko Shimada, Meredith Mclntryre, Japanese men's success in altered fatherhood role in a foreign country. , Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 26, 1, 39-46, 2015.01, This study explores the meaning of the lived experience of childbirth and parenting
of Japanese men who became fathers in a foreign country.
Japanese men have been raised to maintain very strict gender roles, excluding them from
sharing with their wives the experience of childbirth and the day to day parenting of young children.
The study employed a descriptive phenomenological approach with in-depth interviews.
Participants included nine Japanese men born and raised in Japan who were living in Honolulu.
Three theme categories emerged from the data including: ‘making active efforts in preparation for
childbirth in a foreign country’; ‘challenges in pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and as husbands or partners’, and ‘challenges in transition to parenthood’.
Japanese men successfully altered their transitional and authoritarian gender role to a family orientated social structure, under the influence of western values when living in foreign country.
By spending more time with their new family, they acknowledged the processes of becoming a father. The ability to adapt their expectations of fatherhood in line with western values, was enhanced by the support of work coworkers, their mature age, rich educational background and the personal financial resources of the male participants in the study..
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