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Takuya Imamura Last modified date:2019.06.25

Associate Professor / Department of Stem Cell Biology and Medicine / Department of Stem Cell Biology and Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Takuya Imamura, Detection of bidirectional promoter-derived lncRNAs from small-scale samples using pre-amplification-free directional RNA-seq methods. In : Kiho Lee (ed), Zygotic Genome Activation, Humana Press, 2017.04.
2. Takuya Imamura, Manipulation of promoter- associated noncoding RNAs in mouse early embryos for controlling sequence-specific epigenetic status. In: Sara Napoli (ed), Promoter Associated RNA, Humana Press, 2017.04.
3. Takuya Imamura, Roles of Epigenetics in the Neural Stem Cell and Neuron
In: J. Peedicayil, D. Grayson, D. Avramopoulos (eds), Epigenetics in Psychiatry
, Elsevier, 2004.06.