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Keitaro Suyama Last modified date:2019.06.11

Assistant Professor / Laboratory of Molecular Biochamistry / Division for Experimental Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. In order to provide new and field crossing subjects for active learners, we developed a new experimental subject focusing on amino acids. To strengthen the learners’ thinking power in a manner that is not limited to the confines of the existing subjects, this subject was designed to contain a variety of experiments concerning chemistry, biology, nutrition, and computer science. In the second semester of 2015, we carried out the subject as a trial class. Twelve students belonging to five different undergraduate schools attended this course. To achieve the purpose of this class, we provided eight lessons incorporating lectures, basic experiments, computer simulations, and observations using analytical equipment. To evaluate this subject, we surveyed students’ attitudes toward the class. In the questionnaire responses, we found that many students felt that the number of lectures containing experimental activities should be increased in general subjects to help them grow as active learners..