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Akito Yasuda Last modified date:2019.06.17

Associate Professor / Division for Humanities and Social Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. 安田 章人, FUNABASHI,Harutoshi, FUJIKAWA,Ken, HARAGUCHI,Yayoi, HIRABAYASHI,Yuko, HORIHATA,Manami, HORIKAWA,Saburo, IKEDA,Kanji, TERADA,Ryoichi, YUASA,Yoichi, TERADA,Ryoichi, LEE,Seejae, KU,Dowan, WANG,Juju, KAO,Shu-Fen, そのほか約150名, A General World Environmental Chronology, すいれん舎, 2014.07, I The first truly global chronology of the environment This is the world's first-ever chronology of the environment,covering environmental issues and events throughout the world,from the Industrial Age up to 2010. It brings together data and insights from 138 chronologies compiled in 125 countries and regions. II Comprehensive 4-part format with special focus on East Asia The first part containschronologies of environmental issues in East Asia(Japan,China,Taiwan,and South Korea), as well as chronologies of historical studies and articles on important environmental issues. In the second part, important events and matters are highlighted to organize global environmental issues into three sections. The third part presents 131 newly-created chronologies,grouped by county and regions. The fourth part brings together eight chronologies concerning environmental issues that are paeticularly important and that have been observed in various countries and regions, presenting them in a horizontal format for easy comparison and contrast. III Combined wisdom of 150 experts from all over the globe This chronology is a crystallization of the findings gleaned from the collaborative work and achievements of environmental researchers throughout East Asian, as well as some 150 researchers from 15 countries including Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and Estonia. It also draws on the work of experts stationed in Japanese embassies abroad. IV Full citations and source material for all articles All original source material for articles, including study documents,reports,magazines,theses, and websites, are compiled in the included CD-ROM. Source materials are provided for each chronology as a list, so readers can confirm facts and search for additional information. V Detailed online indexes Indexes are being extracted from each aeticle. Before the end of 2014, the editorial committee will complete detailed indexes and make them abailable on the website of the Institute for Sustainability Research.
2. Yasuda, A. "Killing for 'Protection'?" sport hunting in Africa and "Sustainability" of local community, Keisho Shobo..
3. Yasuda, A. 2010, "Cameroon" in Funabashi, H., Ikeda, K., Terada, R., Haraguchi, Y., Hirabayashi, Y., Fujioka, K., Hrokawa, S., Horihata, M., and Yuasa, Y. eds. An environmental chronology : Japan and the world, Suirensha..
4. Yasuda, A. 2010, "Roar of a gun and missing voice: sport hunting in Northern Cameroon", in Kimura, D. and Kitanishi, K. eds. Ecological history of Tropical Forest, Kyoto Univ. Press..
5. Akito Yasuda, Toshio Meguro, Moses M. Okello, Mordecai O. Ogada, Yumi Yamane, Nobuko Nishizaki, Yukino Iwai, David Western, Itsuhiro Hazama, Re-conceptualization of Wildlife Conservation: Toward Resonation between Subsistence and Wildlife, ACTS Press, 2009.03, 本書は、2008年7月にケニア・ナイロビで開催した国際ワークショップのプロシーディング集である。各著者は、ケニア、タンザニア、エチオピア、カメルーンでのフィールドワークをもとに野生動物保全政策の現状を取り上げ、野生動物保護・保全を再概念化することを目的とした。唯一スポーツハンティングの事例を紹介し、野生動物管理および観光利用にともなう住民に対する弊害について報告した.
6. Yasuda, A. 2009, "Politics and Ethics of 'Sustainable' Wildlife management: an aspect over wildlife in Africa", Kitoh, S. and Fukunaga, M. eds. Environmental Ethics, Tokyo Uni. Press..