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SHIMOJO Keiko Last modified date:2019.06.29

Associate Professor / International Symbiosis
Department of Multicultural Society
Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Academic Degree
Ph.D. in Literature
Field of Specialization
American Literature
Outline Activities
Research: Socio-historical research on American literature and the US economic development,
Education: English language skills,
Activities: International exchange programs
Research Interests
  • Risk Management in English Literature
    keyword : Literature in English, Risk, Risk management, Interdisciplinary research
  • Paul Auster
    keyword : Contemporary American literature, Postmodern novels, single-author studies
  • Loss and Insurance in American Literature
    keyword : Loss, disaster, death, insurance, the US history, American literature
Current and Past Project
  • Risk Management in Modern British and American Literature --Interdisciplinary research in British and American literature with a strong focus on the origin and transitions of the concept(s)of modern risk management. Reading literature concerning various risks from the actuarial, socio-political, and linguistic viewpoints.
  • Interdisciplinary project on American literature. The project examines monumental American novels along with the US financial sensibility in a socio-historical way.
Academic Activities
1. SHIMOJO Keiko, _Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood_, 2003 and _Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return, 2004_ by Marjane Satrapi, New York: Pantheon, Journal of Asian Women's Studies Vol. 16 119-20. , 2007.12, Book review of Marjan Satrapi's biographical comic series _Persepolis_ and _Persepolis 2_.
1. SHIMOJO Keiko, Master Listeners, Master Savorers: A Response to Monique Truong's Lecture, International Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Ritsumeikan University, 28, 2, 125-127, 2016.12.
2. Poe and Auster: Genealogy of the Magazinists.
3. Parchment Skin: Joe Christmas's Skin as a Narrative Space in _Light of August_.
4. SHIMOJO Keiko, Till Death Them Do Part: Death and Friendship in Paul Auster's _The Locked Room_, 日本英文学会, 52, 35-51, 2011.03.
5. SHIMOJO Keiko, Writing in a Shipwreck: Family, Identity, and Memory in Paul Auster's _The Invention of Solitude_, 宮崎大学, 23, 27-36, 2010.09.
6. SHIMOJO Keiko, Subversive Pilgrimage: The Bundrens' Belated Journey to the Roaring Twenties in Faulkner's _As I Lay Dying_, 九州アメリカ文学会, 48, 27-37, 2007.11.
7. SHIMOJO Keiko, Solo Performance of Private "eye/I" in Paul Auster's _Ghosts_, American Literature Society of Japan, 5, 72-88, 2007.02.
8. SHIMOJO Keiko, Writing and the Seduction of Politics in Paul Auster's _Leviathan_, 九州アメリカ文学会, 44, 95-101, 2003.10.
1. Na-Rae KIM, Nadia Y. KIM, Peter Y. PAIK, Keiko SHIMOJO , Multicultural Subversion of the Empire, The 53rd American Studies Association of Korea International Conference, 2018.09.
2. Keiko SHIMOJO, Yoshiko UZAWA, Mark SELTZER, Shoko ITOH, Transpacific and Transatlantic Poe: A Roundtable Discussion, International Poe and Hawthorne Conference, 2018.06.
3. SHIMOJO Keiko, Shingo SAITO, Collaborative Pairings: Literature x Mathematics, ACL(x)2016: Extra Disciplinarity (American Comparative Literature Association), 2016.09, [URL], LITERATURE x MATHEMATICS: We are a literary scholar, a political scientist, a linguist, and two mathematicians who have teamed up for a project, “risk management in literature,” inspired by the fact that three major discourses articulating modern risks—literature, politics, and actuarial science—were all fostered in the bustling coffee houses of eighteenth-century England. Aiming to explore the concept of “risk management” through literary works, we started with classics . After successful examinations of literature and political science, we were intrigued by the ways quantitative language analysis can back up or challenge our reading and have sought to fit in the last piece of our puzzle, mathematics. Team members Keiko Shimojo (literature) and Shingo Saito (mathematics) will converse to share their thoughts..
4. Symposium: Highways and Small Towns in American Narratives
K. Shimojo "Ockham's Trailer: Auster's Alternative Road Narrative".
5. Symposium: American Literature and Money
K. Shimojo "Economy of the Dead and the Poet: the Gift of Death in Paul Auster's Fiction".
6. Poe and Modernism.
Membership in Academic Society
  • American Comparative Literature Association
  • Poe Society of Japan
  • William Faulkner Society of Japan
  • American Literature Society of Japan
  • Japanese Association for American Studies
  • English Literature Society of Japan
  • Kyushu American Literature Society
  • The Kyushu American Literature Prize Essay 2003: "Writing and the Seduction of Politics in Paul Auster's Leviathan"