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Miharu Fuyuno Last modified date:2020.01.07

Assistant Professor / Content and Creative Design Course / Department of Content and Creative Design / Faculty of Design

1. Laura Maria Cortes Blanco, Miharu Fuyuno,, El proceso de diseño y desarrollo de materiales interactivos para la enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE): Estudio desde la perspectiva del docente, Cuadernos CANELA, 29, 17pages(Printing), 2019.09.
2. Fuyuno, M., Komiya, R., and Saitoh, T., Multimodal analysis of public speaking performance by EFL learners: Applying deep learning to understanding how successful speakers use facial movement, The Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 4, 3, 2018.03, Although multimodal corpus analysis has been widely practiced in the field of applied linguistics, few studies have investigated performance of English public speaking by EFL learners. Needs for effective public speaking are fundamental in the globalizing society; however, performing public speaking in English is challenging for EFL learners, and objective analysis on factors of eye contact and speech pauses still remain few though such information is crucial in efficient teaching. This study analyses public speaking performance by EFL learners based on data from a multimodal corpus. Data were collected in an annual speech contest at a Japanese high school. Speakers presented English speeches to an audience and judges. The data consist of video and digital audio recordings of performance, as well as speech scripts and evaluation scores by contest judges. Characteristics of speakers’ facial movement patterns in regard to spoken contents and the correlation between facial movements and eye movements were examined. Facial and eye movements were detected with motion tracking and the deep learning method. The results indicated that facial direction changes were not synchronized with speech pauses among highly evaluated speakers. Furthermore, the facial direction changes tended to be synchronized with content words in the spoken utterance rather than function words..
3. Fuyuno, M., Yamashita, Y., Nakajima, Y., The effect of virtual eyes on psychological nervousness of public speakers, Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics 128-131, 128-131, 2017.11.
4. Liu, S., Nakajima, Y., Yamashita, Y., Fuyuno, M., Quantitative Analysis of English Public Speaking Presented by Japanese EFL Learners, Statistical Analysis of Public Speech Behavior and Acoustic Features: Multimodal Corpus Based Approach, 17-36, 2017.03.
5. Fuyuno, M., An Investigation into the Influence of Domestic and Foreign Cosmetics Advertisements in Thailand: Evaluation of Subjective Impression by SD Method, Linguistic Science, 52, 47-59, 2017.03.
6. Komiya, R., Saitoh, T., Fuyuno, M., Yamashita, Y., Nakajima, Y., Head pose estimation and motion analysis of public speaking videos, International Journal of Software Innovation, 5, 1, 57-71, 2017.01.
7. Fuyuno, M., Yamashita, Y., Saitoh, T., Nakajima, Y., Semantic Structure, Speech Units and Facial Movements: Multimodal Corpus Analysis of English Public Speaking, EPiC Series in Language and Linguistics, 1, 447, 2016.11.
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10. Miharu Fuyuno, Rote Learning in English Education for Japanese Students : towards more Context-Oriented Multimedia Material (招待採録), Collected articles on the English language, 48, 2016.04.
11. Miharu Fuyuno, Comparative analyses of Japanese learners' self-evaluation and judges' evaluation of English public speaking : Identifying primary targets for practical teaching of multimodal speaking skills (招待採録), Collected articles on the English language, 48, 2016.04.
12. Yamashita Yuko, Miharu Fuyuno, Three Aspects of Public Speeches with Competent Speakers: Speech Pauses, Head Movements, and Lexical Choices, International STEM Journal, 5, 215-231, 2015.12.
13. Yamashita Yuko, Miharu Fuyuno, アメリカの大学の卒業式における著名人による祝辞スピーチの録画映像の分析:音声の無音区間と顔上げ動作, ATEM Journal, 20, 33-44, 2015.03.
14. Yamashita Yuko, Miharu Fuyuno, Yoshitaka NAKAJIMA, Influence of pauses and speech rate on the efficiency of English public speaking, Prceedings of Auditory Res. Meeting, The Acoustical Society of Japan, 561-564, 2014.12.
15. Miharu Fuyuno, Hiroki Shimokawara, I-Ting Chuang, Pei-ru Lin, Washback Effects on Language Learning Motivation: A Comparison between Taiwanese and Jaanese Learners, Selected Papers from the International Symposium on English Teaching, 23, 223-241, 2014.11.
16. Miharu Fuyuno, Yamashita Yuko, Yoshikiyo Kawase, Yoshitaka NAKAJIMA, Analyzing Speech Pauses and Facial Movement Patterns in Multimodal Public-Speaking Data of EFL Learners, Learner Corpus Studies in Asia and the World, 2, XX-XX, (13 pages), 2014.05.
17. Miharu Fuyuno, Comparative analyses of Japanese learners’ self-evaluation and judges’ evaluation on English public speaking: towards practical teaching of multimodal speaking skills, Linguistic Science, 49, 37-46, 2014.03.
18. Miharu Fuyuno, Nanae Hama, Joseph Myall, Naomi Yukimaru, Effects of English recitation for Japanese EFL learners: towards multi-modal English speaking skills education, Annual Review of Language Learning and Teaching, 4, 2014.03.
19. Miharu Fuyuno, Rote Learning in English Education for Japanese Students: towards more Context-Oriented Multimedia Material , The Journal of Design, 20, 1-8, 2014.03.
20. Miharu Fuyuno, Negative Washback Effects of Japanese Standardized University Entrance Examination: Reflections for Effective First-year Education (in print), Quest : studies in English linguistics and literature, 20, 1-21, 2014.03.
21. Miharu Fuyuno, The Usage of Psychological Passives in Spoken and Written English: A Corpus-based Analysis and Implications for English Language Teaching, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences , 95, 184-194, 2013.11.
22. Miharu Fuyuno, English passives with psychological verbs: Application of corpora in ELT
, 日本人英語学習者の概念構造に関する統計的研究, 39-53, 2012.02.
23. Miharu Fuyuno, Use of passives with psychological verbs: Comparison between native speakers of English and Japanese EFL learners, the 44th annual meeting of BAAL, 44, 37-37, 2011.09.