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Chihiro Hiramatsu Last modified date:2017.05.16

Assistant Professor / Physiological Anthropology
Department of Human Science
Faculty of Design

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Academic Degree
Life science
Field of Specialization
Visual Psychophysiology
Outline Activities
Various human natures are based on the characteristics that animals had acquired during long evolutionary processes. However, humans have acquired unique characteristics such as language, esthetic sense, sympathy etc. The purpose of my research is understanding humanity in terms of diversity, genetic bases and neural mechanisms of those characteristics.
Research Interests
  • Evolution of humanity
    keyword : evolution, humanity, diversity, genetic basis, neural mechanism
Current and Past Project
  • Considerable amount of color vision variation exists in humans due to genetic polymorphisms. Approximately 5% males possess color vision types that show difficulty in discriminating red from green. The difference in color vision would influence attention and might lead to differences in visual preference and/or esthetic sense. In this study, I aim to explore how color vision differences influence attention to visual arts by using eye-tracking technique. I am examining if the genetic differences can be a factor which produces individual differences in visual esthetic sense. By elaborating a methodology which estimates differences of visual attention, preference and esthetic sense, this study would contribute to creating desirable universal visual design.
Academic Activities
1. C. Hiramatsu, K. Fujita, Visual categorization of surface qualities of materials by capuchin monkeys and humans, VISION RESEARCH, 115, 2015.10, [URL].
2. C. Hiramatsu, N. Goda and H. Komatsu, Transformation from image-based to perceptual representation of materials along the human ventral visual pathway, NEUROIMAGE, 57, 2, 2011.07, [URL].
3. C. Hiramatsu, A. D. Melin, F. Aureli, C. M. Schaffner, M. Vorobyev and S. Kawamura, Interplay of olfaction and vision in fruit foraging of spider monkeys, ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR, 77, 6, 2009.06, [URL].
4. C. Hiramatsu, A. D. Melin, F. Aureli, C. M. Schaffner, M. Vorobyev, Y. Matsumoto and S. Kawamura, Importance of Achromatic Contrast in Short-Range Fruit Foraging of Primates, PLOS ONE, 3, 10, 2008.10, [URL].
5. C. Hiramatsu, T. Tsutsui, Y. Matsumoto, F. Aureli, L. M. Fedigan and S. Kawamura, Color vision polymorphism in wild capuchins (Cebus capucinus) and spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) in Costa Rica, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY, 67, 4, 2005.12, [URL].
6. C. Hiramatsu, F. Radlwimmer, S. Yokoyama and S. Kawamura, Mutagenesis and reconstitution of middle-to-long-wave-sensitive visual pigments of New World monkeys for testing the tuning effect of residues at sites 229 and 233, VISION RESEARCH, 44, 19, 2004.04, [URL].