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Koji Iihara Last modified date:2019.07.12

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Medical Science
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
Research, education and social activities all over the fields of neurosurgery
Research Interests
  • Surgical and endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Surgical management of benign brain tumors, Developement of hybrid treatment, Ischemic neuronal death. Cohort study on stroke using DPC database
    keyword : Cerebrovascular Surgery, Endovascular surgery, ischemic neuronal death, stroke
Academic Activities
1. 飯原弘二, Impact of the Number of the Board-certified Physicians on the Outcome of Acute Stroke: J-ASPECT Study., International Stroke Conference 2018, 2018.01.
2. 飯原弘二, Safety and Efficacy of Revascularization Strategy for Complex Cerebral Aneurysm., The 8th Severance Stroke Center Symposium., 2016.12.
3. 飯原弘二, Hybrid Neurovascular surgery-state of the art., The 13th Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Surgery for Cerebral Stroke, 2016.09.
4. 飯原弘二, Effects Of Comprehensive Stroke Care Capabilities On In-hospital Mortality Of Patients With Ischemic And Hemorrhagic Stroke: J-ASPECT Study 2010-2013, International Stroke Conference2015, 2015.02.
5. 飯原弘二, Japanese Presidential Address, 2014 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting, 2014.10.
6. 飯原弘二, Multimodal treatment strategy for complex aneurysms., 島本脳神経外科落成記念国際シンポジウム, 2014.04.
7. 飯原弘二, Differential Impact Of Comprehensive Stroke Care Capacity On In-hospital Mortality After Stroke-j-aspect Study 15., International Stroke Conference2014, 2014.02.
Educational Activities