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KHANH DUY TRINH Last modified date:2016.08.25

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I specialize in probability theory and its applications. Recently, I have been interested in random matrix theory which aims to study distributions of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of random matrices. In particular, I am working on Gaussian beta ensembles, generalizations of the well-known Gaussian orthogonal/unitary ensembles. The research concerns with problems such as limiting behavior of spectral measures and empirical measures; distributions of determinants and local statistics. Moreover, since Gaussian beta ensembles are realized as eigenvalues of typical random Jacobi matrices which are also discrete Schrodinger operators, the research aims to exploit the close relation between two fields.
Research Interests
  • A study on random matrix theory and its applications
    keyword : random matrix, Wigner matrix, spectral measure, random Jacobi matrix
  • Probability theory and its applications in number theory
    keyword : probability theory, analytic number theory, general Dirichlet series, Besicovitch almost periodic functions, random matrix theory
Academic Activities
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  • The mathematical society of Japan