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Sou Ryuzaki Last modified date:2018.08.31

Assistant Professor / Department of Fundamental Organic Chemistry / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Sou Ryuzaki, Makusu Tsutsui, Masateru Taniguchi, , Nanopore devices for shape analysis of single nanobiomaterials in aqueous solutions
, 2018 Annual Nanotechnology Conference, 2018.09.
2. Sou Ryuzaki, Nanopore structures for Opto/bioelectronics, The First International Joint Symposium of CEFMS-NCTU, RCAS-AS and 5-Star Alliance, 2018.05.
3. S. Ryuzaki, D. Tanaka, P. Wang, K. Okamoto, Y. Chan, and K. Tamada, , Multi-nanopore structures for quantum dot laser, Singapore International Chemistry Conference, Singapore, 2016.12.
4. 龍﨑 奏, Rapid Structural Analysis of a Single Molecule in Aqueous Solutions, 2015 IMCE International Symposium, 2015.01.
5. 龍﨑 奏, Rapid Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials in Aqueous Solutions, Seminar at Department of Physics/Chemistry, National University of Singapore, 2014.02.