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Mia Nakamura Last modified date:2017.10.04

Associate Professor / Sound Culture, Arts Management
Department of Communication Design Science
Faculty of Design

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Mia Nakamura .
Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Sociology of Music and Arts
Research Interests
  • Socially Engaged Art
    keyword : arts, music, society, arts management, care, cultural policy
  • Interdisciplinary Study of Arts: sociology and cognitive science
    keyword : arts, music, sociology, cognitive science, neuroscience
  • Group Creativity (Co-Creativity) and Facilitation
    keyword : group creativity, co-creativity, facilitation,experience, body
Academic Activities
1. Mia Nakamura, "Music Sociology Meets Neuroscience," in Handbook on Music and the Body, edited by Sander Gilman and Youn Kim, Oxford: Oxford University Press., [forthcoming].
2. Mia Nakamura, "Facilitation-based Distributed Creativity: The Inari Chorus Performance at the Itoshima International Art Festival," in Creativity in Music Education, edited by, by Ai-Girl Tan, Yukiko Tsubonou, and Mayumi Oie, Singapore: Springer, [forthcoming].
3. Mia Nakamura, "The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Music: Recovery Concerts, Recovery Songs, and 'the Power of Music'," in Music and Minorities, edited by Ursula Hemetek, Inna Naroditskaya and Yoshitaka Terada, Osaka: The National Museum of Ethnology, [forthcoming].
1. Mia Nakamura, Retelling, Memory-Work, and Metanarrative: Two Musical-Artistic Mediations for Sexual Minorities and Majorities in Tokyo, Music and Arts in Action, 4, 2, 2014.04.
2. Mia Nakamura, Authenticating the Female Gidayū: Gender, Modernization, and Nationalism in Japanese Performing Arts, 音楽学(日本音楽学会), 51, 2, 2006.02.
3. Mia Nakamura, Searching for the Meta-Narrative of Das Lied von der Erde: Narrativity and "Melancholic Dialectic", 音楽学(日本音楽学会), 45, 1, 著者名「Kiwamu Nakamura」で発表, 1999.11.
1. Mia Nakamura, Articulating the Processes and Social Effects brought forth by Socially Engaged Music-Making Projects: A Case of the Ensembles Asia Orchestra, SIMM-POSIUM: 2nd Research Symposium on Social Impact of Making Music 2017, 2017.07.08, [URL].
2. Mia Nakamura, The Otto & Orabu Ensemble: Facilitation-based Distributed Creativity in Japan, Music Composition as Interdisciplinary Practice, 2016.06.29.
3. Mia Nakamura, The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Music: “The Power of Music” and Recovery Songs
, International Council for Traditional Music, Study Group on Music and Minorities , 2014.07.23.
4. Mia Nakamura, Musical Experience as Embodied Memory-Work: Linking Sociological Findings to Neuroscientific Explanations, International Conference “Music and the Body" (University of Hong Kong, 香港), 2012.03.09.
5. Mia Nakamura, The Living Together Lounge for People Who are Both HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative: A Monthly Live Music Event as "Ritualistic Art" in Tokyo, SocArts Symposium 2010 "Music-Conflict-Transformation" (University of Exeter, イギリス), 2011.05.09.
6. Mia Nakamura, Authenticating the Female gidayū: Gender, Westernization and Governmental Policy in Japanese Performing Arts, 44th Annual Meeting, The Society for Ethnomusicology (Austin, アメリカ), 1999.11.18.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association for Arts Management
  • International Council for Traditional Music