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Yosuke Imai Last modified date:2018.08.01

Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Field of Specialization
Physical Chemistry of Interface
Research Interests
  • Physical Chemistry of Adsorbed Films at Soft Interface with Electrical Double Layer
    keyword : Soft interface, Surfactant, Electrical double layer, Thermodynamics of interface, structural analysis with synchrotron radiation
Academic Activities
1. Ravneet Kaur, Sakshi Gupta, Surinder K. Mehta, Yosuke Imai, Takanori Takiue, Hiroki Matsubara, Makoto Aratono, Probing the self-aggregation behavior and counter ion distribution of a copper surfactant complex, New Journal of Chemistry, 38, 3925-3932, 2014.08.
2. Huihui Li, Yosuke Imai, Takanori Takiue, Hiroki Matsubara, Makoto Aratono, Thermodynamic study on the interaction of imidazolium salts and POE-type nonionic surfactant in the adsorbed film, Colloid and Polymer Science, 292, 1209-1215, 2014.05.
3. Hiroki Takumi, Yosuke Imai, Narumi Toh, Hiroki Matsubara, Takanori Takiue, Makoto Aratono, Miscibility of imidazolium and pyridinium ionic liquids including BF4- at the air/water interface, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 441, 59-65, 2014.01.