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Teruyoshi Sasayama Last modified date:2020.02.20

Associate Professor / Department of Electrical Engineering / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Teruyoshi Sasayama, Shoji Hamada, Tetsuo Kobayashi, Application of Prewhitening Beamformer with Linear Constraints for Correlated EEG Signal Source Estimation, IGI Global, 2013.09, [URL], To investigate the effect of signal correlation, the authors compared the relative abilities to estimate the source of an ERD/ERS signal among minimum variance beamformer (MVBF), linearly constrained (LC)-MVBF, prewhitening beamformer (PWBF), and LC-PWBF during the measurement of correlated signals. In numerical simulations, equivalent current dipoles were placed in the primary motor cortex to detect the modulation of µ and ß rhythms. It was confirmed that the location bias of LC-PWBF was smaller than that of MVBF, LC-MVBF, and PWBF. These results suggest that LC-PWBF is useful for estimating the location of signal sources that are highly correlated and have low signal-to-noise ratio..