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List of Papers
TSUDA Shin-ichi Last modified date:2017.10.31

Associate Professor / Fluids Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. H. Nagashima, S. Tsuda, N. Tsuboi, A. K. Hayashi, T. Tokumasu, A molecular dynamics study of nuclear quantum effect on diffusivity of hydrogen molecule, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 147, 2, 024501, 2017.07.
2. W. Tsuru, T. Konishi, S. Watanabe, S. Tsuda, Observation of Inception of Sheet Cavitation from Free Nuclei, Journal of Thermal Science, 26, 3, 2017.06.
3. K. Tsutsumi, S. Watanabe, S. Tsuda, T. Yamaguchi, Cavitation simulation of automotive torque converter using a homogeneous cavitation model, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MECHANICS B-FLUIDS, 61, 2017.01.
4. S. Tsuda, M. Tomi, N. Tsuboi, S. Ikawa, T. Tokumasu, Extraction of the Density Fluctuations in Diatomic Fluids Around the Critical Points Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 15, 4, 2015.04.
5. H. Nagashima, S. Tsuda, N. Tsuboi, M. Koshi, K. A. Hayashi, T. Tokumasu, An Analysis of Quantum Effects on the Thermodynamic Properties of Cryogenic Hydrogen Using the Centroid Molecular Dynamics Method, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 140, 134506, 2014.04.
6. S. Tsuda, T. Hirata, H. Tanaka, A Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Homogeneous Bubble Nucleation with a Noncondensable Gas in Cryogenic Cavitation Inception, Molecular Simulation, 40, 2014.04.
7. S. Tsuda, Erratum:"Development and Validation of a Reduced Critical Radius Model for Cryogenic Cavitation" [ASME Trans. J. Fluid Eng., 2012, 134, p.051301],, Trans. ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 136, 037001, 2014.03.