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Kosuke Watanabe Last modified date:2018.05.22

Assistant Professor / Research Center for Green Technology

Field of Specialization
Nanomaterials chemistry, Nanostructure control
Research Interests
  • Formation of Oxides/Nitrides Nano-Hetero-Structure and the High Functionalization
    keyword : nanocomposites, nanostructure control, thermoelectric materials, bottom-up synthesis, nitridation
  • Creation of Oxide-type Thermoelectric Materials Incorporating Metal Nanoparticles
    keyword : nanocomposites, nanostructure control, oxides, thermoelectric materials, bottom-up synthesis
  • Synthesis of Quantum Dots and the Application
    keyword : quantum dots, nanostructure control, thermoelectric materials, photoluminesecence, sensors
Membership in Academic Society
  • Materials Research Society