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Shunichi Kajioka Last modified date:2019.06.27

Associate Professor / Science for biological information
Department of Basic Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Academic Degree
PhD, Kyushu University, D.Phil, Oxford University
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
medical science
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • (1)The discovery of ATP sensitive K channel in vascular smooth muscle
    (2)Clarify the character of voltage dependent Ca channel in smooth muscle
    (3)Clarify the calcium sensitization f smooth muscle
    (4)Clarify the mechanism underlying smooth muscle contraction
    (5)Clarify the pace making of smooth muscle
    (6)Oncology: The effect ofEpac on bladder cancer
    (7)Collaboration:stem cells from exfoliated deciduous tooth therapy
    keyword : smooth muscle, urinary function, urinary dysfunction, stem cell therapy
Academic Activities
1. Kajioka S, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Shahab N, Onimaru M, Matsuda M, Takahashi R, Asano H, Morita H, Morimoto S, Yonemitsu Y, Hayashi M, Seki N, Sasaguri T, Hirata M, Nakayama S, Naito S, 学生:1人、学生以外:15人, Endogenous cardiac troponin T modulates Ca2+-mediated smooth muscle contraction., Scientific Reports, 10.1038/srep00979, 2, 979-979, 2012.12, Mechanisms linked to actin filaments have long been thought to cooperate in smooth muscle contraction,
although key molecules were unclear. We show evidence that cardiac troponin T (cTnT) substantially
contributes to Ca21-mediated contraction in a physiological range of cytosolic Ca21 concentration ([Ca21]i).
cTnT was detected in various smooth muscles of the aorta, trachea, gut and urinary bladder, including in
humans. Also, cTnT was distributed along with tropomyosin in smooth muscle cells, suggesting that these
proteins are ready to cause smooth muscle contraction. In chemically permeabilised smooth muscle of
cTnT1/2 mice in which cTnT reduced to,50%, the Ca21-force relationship was shifted toward greater [Ca21]i,
indicating a sizeable contribution of cTnT to smooth muscle contraction at [Ca21]i , 1 mM. Furthermore,
addition of supplemental TnI and TnC reconstructed a troponin system to enhance contraction. The results
indicated that a Tn/Tn-like system on actin-filaments cooperates together with the thick-filament pathway..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Phrarmacological Society
  • The role of muscarinic receptors in calcium sensitization and their contribution to rho-kinase and protein kinase C pathways in contraction of human detrusor smooth muscle.