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Katsuya Yamauchi Last modified date:2017.11.17

Associate Professor / Science of Sound Design
Department of Communication Design Science
Faculty of Design

Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Psychoacoustics, Noise Control Engineering
Outline Activities
His research interest includes environmental acoustics, noise control engineering and sound design, which are investigated through psycho-acoustical evaluation. Recently, he has been focused on the issues concerning the sound of next generation vehicles (such as electric or hybrid electric vehicles, EV/HEV) to discuss future road traffic noise and urban sound environment.
Research Interests
  • Study on sound design for quiet vehicles (EV/HEV)
    keyword : Sound Design, Subjective Evaluation, Electric Vehicles/ Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV), Traffic Noise
  • Study on Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Sound for quiet vehicles (EV/HEV)
    keyword : Subjective Evaluation, Electric Vehicles/ Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV), Traffic Noise
  • Prediction of the effect of next generation vehicle on urban road traffic noise
    keyword : Road Traffic Noise, Prediction, Next Generation Vehicles (EV/HEV), Acoustic Power Level
  • Subjective evaluation on aerodynamic noise of vehicle door mirror
    keyword : Aerodynamic noise, vehicle NVH, subjective evaluation, vehicle door mirror
Academic Activities
1. Katsuya Yamauchi, Relationship between Acceleration Impression and Frequency Shifting of Vehicle Sound, UN/ECE/WP29/GRB/QRTV, Informal Document GTRQRTV-05-03e, 2013.12.
1. Katsuya Yamauchi, Daniel Menzel, Masayuki Takada, Koji Nagahata, Shin-ichiro Iwamiya, Hugo Fastl, Psychoacoustic Examination of Feasible Level of Additional Warning Sound for Quiet Vehicles, Acoustical Science and Technology, 36, 2, pp.135-137, 2015.03.
1. Katsuya Yamauchi, Questionnaire Survey on the Encounter Experience with Quiet Vehicles, Inter-noise 2017, 2017.08.28.
2. Katsuya Yamauchi, Saki Liu, Keita Suzuki, Takuya Nomura, Developing Method Describing Impression of Unknown Sounds through Non-Acoustic Event —for a Sound Design of Electric Vehicle—, Inter-noise 2016, 2016.08.22.
3. Katsuya Yamauchi, Soichi Sasaki, Shinya Yamashita, Masaru Takeshita, SUBJECTIVE EVALUATION OF VEHICLE DOOR MIRROR NOISES WITH DIFFERING CLEARANCES BETWEEN PARTS, The 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV), 2015.07.15.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Acoustical Society of Japan
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan
  • Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Professional and Outreach Activities
National committee member for ISO/TC43
Member of Informal Group for Quiet Road Transport Vehicles (UNECE/WP29/GRB).