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List of Papers
Saito Hikaru Last modified date:2017.04.07

Assistant Professor / Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. H. Saito, S. Mizuma, N. Yamamoto,Confinement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons by Heterostructures of
Plasmonic Crystals,Nano Letters,2015.09.
2. H. Saito, N. Yamamoto,Control of Light Emission by a Plasmonic Crystal Cavity,Nano Letters,Vol.15,2015.08.
3. H. Saito, H. Kurata,Formation of a hybrid plasmonic waveguide mode probed by dispersion measurement,Journal of Applied Physics,Vol.117,2015.04.
4. H. Saito, N. Yamamoto,Size dependence of bandgaps in a two-dimensional plasmonic crystal with a hexagonal lattice,OPTICS EXPRESS,Vol.23,No.3,pp.2524-2540,2015.02.
5. N. Yamamoto, H. Saito,Size dependence of band structures in a two-dimensional plasmonic crystal with a square lattice,OPTICS EXPRESS,Vol.22,No.24,pp.29761-29777,2014.12.
6. H. Saito, K. Namura, M. Suzuki, H. Kurata,Dispersion relations for coupled surface plasmon-polariton modes excited in multilayer structures,MICROSCOPY,Vol.63,No.1,pp.85-93,2014.02.
7. H. Saito, H. Kurata,Direct measurement of dispersion relation for surface plasmon-polaritons on silver nanoantennas,MICROSCOPY,Vol.63,No.2,pp.155-159,2014.04.
8. H. Saito, C. H. Chen, H. Kurata,Optical guided modes coupled with Cerenkov radiation excited in Si slab using angular-resolved electron energy-loss spectrum,JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,Vol.113,No.11,2013.03.
9. A. Wiengmoon, J. T. H. Pearce, T. Chairuangsri, S. Isoda, H. Saito, H. Kurata,HRTEM and HAADF-STEM of precipitates at peak ageing of cast A319 aluminium alloy,MICRON,Vol.45,pp.32-36,2013.02.
10. W. H. Lin, H. Saito, T. Nemoto, H. Kurata, M. M. C. Chou, S. Isoda, J. J. Wu,Photoassisted Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation on the ZnO(0001)-Zn Surface Treated by Alkaline Solution,JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C,Vol.116,No.19,pp.10664-10671,2012.05.