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List of Presentations
Nagashima Kazuki Last modified date:2019.06.14

Associate Professor / Department of Integrated Materials / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. K. Nagashima, Functional Inorganic and Organic Nanofiber Materials from Earth-Abundant Resources and Their Application, International Conference on Science and Technology of Emerging Materials 2018 (STEMa2018), 2018.07.
2. K. Nagashima, H. Koga, U. Celano, M. Nogi, T. Kitaoka and T. Yanagida, Nanocellulose Based Flexible, Environment-friendly Nonvolatile Resistive Switching Memory, 9th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (Materials Congress 2017), 2017.06.
3. K. Nagashima, Y. He, D. Sakai, A. Inoue, C. Nakamura, M. Suzuki, G. Zhang, T. Takahashi, M. Kanai and T. Yanagida, Design for Solution based Synthesis of Single Crystalline Metal Oxide Nanowires and Application Towards Molecule Recognition Electronics, The 3rd International Conference on Applied Physics and Material Applications (ICAPMA 2017), 2017.06.
4. Kazuki Nagashima, MENG GANG, HE YONG, ZHUGE FUWEI, Masaki Kanai, 柳田 剛, Single Crystalline Oxide Nanowires: Rational Design, Post-growth Assembly and Smart Application in Electronics, BIT’s 2nd Annual World Congress of Smart Materials-2016, 2016.03.
5. Kazuki Nagashima, Takeshi Yanagida, Masaki Kanai, Tomoji Kawai, A Oxide Nanowire for Probing Nanoscale Memristive Switching, IEEE nano 2015 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology, 2015.07.