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Yingyi Liu Last modified date:2017.07.18

Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Earth System, Science and Technology
Research Interests
  • Aerodynamics of wind turbine/diffuser augmented wind turbine
    Coupled dynamic analysis of floating offshore renewable energy systems
    Water wave interaction with marine structures in frequency domain and time domain
    keyword : Naval Hydrodynamics, Ocean Engineering, Offshore Renewable Energy
Academic Activities
1. Yingyi Liu, Shigeo Yoshida, An extension of the generalized actuator disc theory for aerodynamic analysis of the diffuser-augmented wind turbines, Energy, 93, 2, 2015.12.
2. Yingyi Liu, Hidetsugu Iwashita, Changhong Hu, A calculation method for finite depth free-surface green function, International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 7, 2, 2015.03.
3. Yingyi Liu, Changhong Hu, Sueyoshi Makoto, Hidetsugu Iwashita, Masashi Kashiwagi, Motion response prediction by hybrid panel-stick models for a semi-submersible with bracings, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 21, 4, 2016.12.
4. Yingyi Liu, Bin Teng, Peiwen Cong, Changfeng Liu, Ying Gou, Analytical study of wave diffraction and radiation by a submerged sphere in infinite water depth, Ocean Engineering, 51, 2012.07.
5. Yingyi Liu, Ying Gou, Bin Teng, Shigeo Yoshida, An Extremely Efficient Boundary Element Method for Wave Interaction with Long Cylindrical Structures Based on Free-Surface Green’s Function, Computation, 4, 3, 2016.09.
1. Yingyi Liu, Changhong Hu, Sueyoshi Makoto, Shigeo Yoshida, Yuichiro Honda, Yuji Ohya, Time domain simulation of a semi-submersible type floating wind turbine, Proc. of the 24th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conf. (ISOPE 2014), 2014.06.24.
2. Yingyi Liu, Changhong Hu, Sueyoshi Makoto, Hidetsugu Iwashita, Hydrodynamic analysis of a semi-submersible floating wind turbine system by hybrid panel-stick models, Proc. of the 25th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conf. (ISOPE 2015), 2015.06.24.