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Mihoko Wakamatsu Last modified date:2019.06.27

Assistant Professor / Urban and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
PhD in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Master of Science in Agricultural Economics
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Environmental valuation, Resource management, Experimental Economics
Research Interests
  • Measuring the sustainability of rural Japan
    keyword : Environmental valuation, Evaluation of infrastructure, Sustainability
Academic Activities
1. 若松美保子, The effect of specific knowledge of fish stocks on the willingness to pay for ecolabelled seafood: a choice
experiment in Japan, World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2018.06.
2. 若松美保子, Public support for tuna agreement: conjoint analysis, International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET), 2018.07.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
Educational Activities
Urban Planning, Urban Engineering and Economics, Project, Thesis advising