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Academic Degree
Doctor of Design
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Field of Specialization
Design Education
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Focusing on the product design education at tertiary and per-tertiary level in the context of Asia, the current research activities aimed to approach the study on product design education curriculum with the following objectives:
a) To establish and clarify the necessary knowledge and skills to be developed at undergraduate level relevant to respond the growing regional and global issues.
b) To clarify the role of industry in the design education ecosystem in the development of necessary knowledge and skills in prospective design professionals.
c) To clarify the characteristics of pre-tertiary design education in Asia and conduct extensive research and development of educational programmes, curriculums, teaching and learning strategies and teaching and learning aids that will strengthen design learning at per-tertiary level.
d) Development of design educational teaching and learning activities for design thinking skills acquisition.

Besides, the study on the development of design education in the developing countries in the context of Asia has been limited. The current research activities will also hope to extend into studying the development of design education in the context of Asia.
Research Interests
  • •Bilingual education
    keyword : Bilingual education models
  • •Developments of Product design education curriculum
    keyword : Curriculum planning and development frameworks
  • •Idea conceptualisation techniques
    keyword : Reduction of ideas fixation, Parallel prototyping techniques
  • •Development of problem solving and thinking skills through design related activities
    keyword : Design thinking, Reasoning and Reflective Thinking Skills, Development of critical thinking skills through questioning techniques
Current and Past Project
  • Effective framework to develop critical and creative thinking in children through design education: This research aims to formulate a framework to develop critical thinking and creativity through secondary/junior high school design education. (Received the Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist: Effective framework to develop critical and creative thinking in children to drive future innovation in Japan)
  • Re-clarifying Design Problems through Questions for Secondary School Children: One of the challenges for students towards proposing an effective solution is to clearly understand the design problem before moving into ideation and development of the solutions. The current study aimed to explore the use of questioning techniques to enable pre-tertiary students in improving their understanding of the design problems by using questions to critique their thinking and decision making processes and in turn, generate more effective design solution.
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society for the Science of Design (JSSD)
  • Design Research Society
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Educational Activities
Academic English 3;
Academic English 1;
Curriculum Design and Management of Design Education
Other Educational Activities
  • 2017.05, General Education.
Professional and Outreach Activities
June 2018
As part of the Fukuoka Minami Ward Children University 2018, the current design workshop shared with young children on the possibility of recycling PET bottles to make them into art sculptures or useful products that can enhance the beauty of our living space and as a small effort to make our environment more sustainable.

This workshop was conducted in English to create opportunities for English conversation and learning. The workshop also encouraged speaking and learning of English and to create a multi-lingual learning campus in Ohashi Campus. The instructors are trained teachers for Singapore secondary schools, with a combined experience of more than 20 years teaching Design and Technology.

The PET.ART design workshop is also part of the community outreach for SDGs Design School. The SDGs Design School is one of the activities of the SDGs Design Unit of Kyushu University Faculty of Design. The SDGs Design School is positioned as an educational outreach to inform a wide scope of citizens, from children to adults, what can we do for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the area of design.

Feb, 2016
Focusing on propogating the awareness and possibilities of harnessing sustainable energy and using sustainable materials that can be recycled, a 3 x 1/2 day Sustainable Lamp Design Workshop was conducted between 19-26 Feb in Bukit Merah Secondary School (Singapore). In this workshop, students were first introduced to the issues related to design, environment and sustainability. Then after, they were provided with opportunities to experience and immerse in the designing of sustainable light prototypes using design thinking approach through hands-on activities.

April, 2015
School assembly talk in Dunman Secondary School (Singapore) to promote understanding of design.
Outline: This talk was conducted to provide a brief overview of design and how we are using design to attend to our everyday needs..