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Yuki Morimoto Last modified date:2019.06.05

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Design
Field of Specialization
Computer Graphics
Outline Activities
Research and education around computer graphics area.
Research Interests
  • Visual simulation of dyeing, illustration generation, toon rendering, computer aided design, etc, in the past.
    keyword : Research interests: computer graphics, simulation, interaction, interface, animation, illusrtration, design, VR, media art, personal fabrication, etc
Academic Activities
1. Yuki Morimoto, Atsuko Makita, Takuya Semba, and Tokiishiro Takahashi, Generating 2.5d character animation by switching the textures of rigid deformation, 2019.07.
1. Tomoki Sueyoshi,Yuki Morimoto, Automatic Generation of Interactive Projection Mapping for Leaves, SIGGRAPH Asia, 2018.11.