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George Hasegawa Last modified date:2019.09.18

Assistant Professor / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. Kazuki Nakanishi, Kazuyoshi Kanamori, Yasuaki Tokudome, George Hasegawa, Yang Zhu, Handbook of Solid State Chemistry: 4. Nano and Hybrid Materials, Wiley-VCH, Sol–Gel Processing of Porous Materials, 2017.08, The sol-gel processing of hierarchically porous materials has been
reviewed. Especially, a focus was put on monolithic porous gels that can
be prepared via sol-gel reaction accompanied by polymerization-induced
phase separation. After continuous development over 20 years, the
formation of well-defined macropores in sol-gel systems in a broad range
of chemical compositions has been explored, and the versatility of the
method was clearly demonstrated. Most metal oxide gels retain their
inherent porosity within the gel framework comprising the continuously
macroporous monoliths, so that additional aging treatments under basic
and/or hydrothermal conditions worked efficiently to tailor the mesopores
essentially independently of the pre-formed macro frameworks. Although
the present chapter focuses on demonstrating the formation of
hierarchically porous structures, also included are some related topics such
as low-density aerogel-like materials with unimodal well-defined
porosity. Introduced applications were limited to those proven to work
and/or commercialized in separation sciences and bio-purification. Further
details on basic concepts are best found in one of the reviews. On the
materials prepared from ionic precursors (metal salts) in aqueous media,
mechanically stable aerogel-like transparent low-density hybrid materials,
and those convertible to non-oxide ceramics and carbons, there remain a
lot to be explored in the near future from both basic and application points
of view..
2. George Hasegawa, Studies on Porous Monolithic Materials Prepared via Sol–Gel Processes, Springer Verlag, 2012.10.