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Kaname Matsue Last modified date:2019.06.29

Assistant Professor / Division of Applied Mathematics / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Kaname Matsue, Blow-up solutions for ODEs from the viewpoint of dynamical systems : theory and applications, HADES (Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations Seminar), 2018.11.
2. Kaname Matsue, Rigorous numerics and asymptotic analysis of finite-time singularities : qualitative and quantitative natures , SCAN2018, 2018.09.
3. Walls and Doors : Dynamical Systems and Rigorous Numerics.
4. Kaname Matsue, Rigorous numerics of finite-time singularity for ODEs , EASIAM2018, 2018.06, [URL].
5. Kaname Matsue, Finite-time singularity for ODEs from the viewpoint of dynamical systems, EASIAM2018, 2018.06, [URL].
6. Shikhar Mohan, Kaname Matsue and Moshe Matalon, Hydrodynamic Model for Turbulent Premixed Flames Towards Cleaner and Efficient Combustion, I2CNER Annual Symposium 2018, 2018.01.
7. Kaname Matsue, Mathematical treatment of flame dynamics toward foundation of combustion, FMfI2017 (Forum of Mathematics for Industry), 2017.10.
8. Kaname Matsue, Rigorous numerics of blow-up solutions for autonomous ODEs, A3 workshop on Fluid Dynamics and Materials Science in CSIAM 2017, 2017.10.
9. , [URL].
10. Kaname Matsue, Mathematics in Combustion -Fundamentals and Trends- , I2CNER Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research Division Summer Retreat 2017, 2017.06.
11. Kaname Matsue, Technology for New Energy Generation - Mathematics of Combustion - , I2CNER Site Visit, 2017.06.