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Kenjiro Imada Last modified date:2019.06.25

Assistant Professor / urology / Department of Clinical Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Imada K, Clinical analyses of urinary incontinence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy., The 34th KOREA-JAPAN Urological Congress (KJUC), 2017.09.
2. Imada K, Kawai Y, Matsuyama H, Eto M, PEG10 promotes progression of bladder cancer and its
expression correlates with expressions of neuroendocrine
markers., 第76回日本癌学会学術総会, 2017.09.
3. Imada K, Shiota M,Kuroiwa K, Sugimoto M, Abe T, Kohashi K,Yokomizo A, Naito S, Oda Y, Eto M, FOXO3a expression regulated by ERK signaling is inversely correlated with Y-box binding
protein-1 expression in prostate cancer., 第105回日本泌尿器科学会総会, 2017.04.