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List of Papers
Kenjiro Imada Last modified date:2019.06.25

Assistant Professor / urology / Department of Clinical Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Shiota M, Fujimoto N, Higashijima K, Imada K, Kashiwagi E, Takeuchi A, Inokuchi J, Tatsugami K, Kajioka S, Uchiumi T, Eto M, Mineralocorticoid receptor signaling affects therapeutic effect of enzalutamide., Prostate, in press, 2018, 2018.05.
2. Shiota M, Dejima T, Yamamoto Y, Takeuchi A, Imada K, Kashiwagi E, Inokuchi J, Tatsugami K, Kajioka S, Uchiumi T, Eto M, Collateral resistance to taxanes in enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer through aberrant androgen receptor and its variants., Cancer Sci , 109 (10): 3224-3234, 2018, 2018.10.
3. Shiota M, Kashiwagi E, Murakami T, Takeuchi A, Imada K, Inokuchi J, Tatsugami K, Eto M, Serum testosterone before and during androgen-deprivation therapy, and prognosis between cigarette smokers and nonsmokers with metastatic prostate cancer., Andrologia , 50 (10): e13119, 2018, 2018.12.
4. Akitake N, Shiota M, Obata H, Takeuchi A, Kashiwagi E, Imada K, Kiyoshima K, Inokuchi J, Tatsugami K, Eto M, Neoadjuvant androgen-deprivation therapy with radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer in association with age and serum testosterone., Prostate Int , 6 (3): 104-109,2018, 2018.09.
5. Shiota M, Fujimoto N, Imada K, Kashiwagi E, Takeuchi A, Inokuchi J,Tatsugami K, Kajioka S, Uchiumi T, Eto M , Prognostic Impact of Genetic Polymorphism in Mineralocorticoid Receptor and Comorbidity With Hypertension in Androgen-Deprivation Therapy., Front Oncol, 8: 635, 2018, 2018.12.
6. Imada K, Shiota M, Kuroiwa K, Sugimoto M, Abe T, Kohashi K, Yokomizo A, Eto M, Naito S, Oda Y:, FOXO3a Expression Regulated by ERK Signaling is Inversely Correlated With Y-Box Binding Protein-1 Expression in Prostate Cancer., Prostate , 77 (2): 145-153, 2017, 2017.02.
7. Dejima T, Imada K, Takeuchi A, Shiota M, Leong J, Tombe T, Tam K, Fazli L, Naito S, Gleave ME, Ong CJ:, Suppression of LIM and SH3 Domain Protein 1 (LASP1) Negatively Regulated by Androgen Receptor Delays Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Progression., Prostate , 77 (3): 309-320, 2017, 2017.02.