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Emiko Hiyama Last modified date:2020.02.05

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Nuclear Theory
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Outline Activities
I am studying structure of nuclei and hypernuclei which include nuclei and hyperons from view point of few-body problem.
Research Interests
  • study of nuclear structure from view point of few-body problem
    keyword : few-body problem, hypernuclei, baryon
Current and Past Project
  • we study the structure of pentaquark system of udscc-bar within the framework of consistuent quark model and we discuss the existence of resonant state of this system.
Academic Activities
1. Emiko Hiyama and Kazuma Nakazawa, Structre of S=-2 hypernuclei and Hyperon-Hyperon Interaction, Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science,, 68, 131-190, 2018.06, We review recent progress in $S=-2$ hypernuclei such as double $\Lambda$
hypernuclei and $\Xi$ hypernucei, which are composed of a nucleus and one or two
hyperons such as a $\Lambda$ or a $\Xi$ particle.
By observation of $^6_{\Lambda \Lambda}$He, as the NAGARA event,
we obtain important information on the $\Lambda \Lambda$ interaction.
Using this information, we perform a four-body calculation of
$\alpha \alpha \Lambda \Lambda$ for $^{10}_{\Lambda \Lambda}$Be which
was observed at the KEK experiment as the DEMACHI-YANAGI event.
We interpret this event to be the $2^+$ excited state.
Energy levels of $^{11}_{\Lambda \Lambda}$Be are calculated within
the framework of an $\alpha \alpha n \Lambda \Lambda$ five-
body cluster model. Then, we interpret the HIDA event which was
observed in the KEK experiment to be
an observation of the ground state of $^{11}_{\Lambda \Lambda}$Be.
Motivated by observation of the KISO event of $^{15}_{\Xi^-}$C,
with use of SHF and RMF, we calculate the energy spectra of this hypernucleus.
We interpret this event as the $^{14}{\rm N(g.s.)}+\Xi^-(0p)$ state.
Finally We propose to perform an experiment of
$^7{\rm Li}(K^-,K^+)^7_{\Xi^-}$H and $^{10}{\rm B}(K^-,K^+)^{10}_{\Xi^-}$Li
in order to extract information about the spin- and isospin-averaged
part of $\Xi N$ interaction..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Physics Society
  • ΛN spin-orbit splittings in 9ΛBe and 13ΛC studied with one-boson exchange ΛN interactions
  • Establishment of accurate calculation Method of quantum few-body problem and it application
Educational Activities
quantum mechanics (Undergraduate second)
Other Educational Activities
  • 2018.06, July 2-4th, Intensive lectures for nuclear physics at Nankai Univeristy (China).