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NING ZHAO Last modified date:2019.01.25

Academic Degree
Ph. D. (Doctor of Science)
Field of Specialization
Air-Sea Interaction in midlatitudes
Outline Activities
I was a undergraduate student in Marine Fishery Science and Technology at Shanghai Ocean Univ.. With another 3 years, I earned my master degree in Environment Sciences. During the master course, I got a chance to go to Nagasaki Univ. as a international exchange student, and I studied the subpolar front there under the guidance of Dr. A. Manda. I studied on the Air-Sea interaction in the East Asian Marginal Seas at Kyushu Univ. in my Ph.D course with my advisor Prof. A. Isobe. Now, I'm working at the RIAM as a postdoctoral researcher.
Research Interests
  • Diurnal Cycle of the sea surface temperature and the corresponding atmospheric motions
    keyword : Sea Surface Temperature, Diurnal Cycle, Atmospheric Response
  • My study is mainly on the interactions between marginal seas and extratropical cyclones, and I also working on the high-resolution OGCM project.
    keyword : Extratropical Cyclone, marginal seas
Academic Activities
1. Zhao Ning, 岩﨑 慎介, 磯辺 篤彦, R.-C. Lien, 王彬, Intensification of the subpolar front in the Sea of Japan during winter cyclones, Journal of Geophysical Research -Oceans, doi:10.1002/2015JC011565, 121, 2253-2267, 2016.05.
2. Zhao Ning, A. Manda, Z. Han, Frontogenesis and frontolysis of the subpolar front in the surface mixed layer of the Japan Sea, Journal of Geophysical Research -Oceans, doi: 10.1002/2013JC009419, 119, 2, 1498-1509, 2014.02.
3. Zhao Ning, 岩崎 慎介, 山本 勝, 磯辺 篤彦, Modulation of Extratropical Cyclones by Previous Cyclones via the Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Over the Sea of Japan in Winter, Journal of Geophysical Research -Atmospheres, 10.1029/2017JD027503, 123, 2018.05, [URL].
1. ZHAO NING, Shinsuke Iwasaki, Atsuhiko Isobe, Effect of SST in the Sea of Japan on the Winter Cyclones, The 1st JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting, 2017.05.
2. 趙 寧,岩﨑 慎介,山本 勝,磯辺 篤彦, Sub-weekly Scale Interactions between the Sea of Japan and Extra-tropical Cyclones in Winter, Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018, 2018.02.
Membership in Academic Society
  • American Geophysical Union
  • The Meteorological Society of Japan
  • The Oceanographic Society of Japan