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MARIKO OGAWA Last modified date:2019.08.29

Academic Degree
Ph.D(Social Science and Gender studies)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Gender Studies, law and Sociology, Gender Equality Policy
Research Interests
  • Research themes are as follows;
    1. International comparative studies of support for women and children ー through the survey of the US, Canada and Japan
    2. A study of cooperation between administrative agencies and women’s NGOs for support of women at the time of disaster – through the survey of the Great East Japan Earthquake stricken-area
    3. A study of women’s shelters and NGOs
    4. Empirical studies of supporting domestic violence survivor and children in Shingapore
    keyword : Women’s support, women’s NGO, DV, gender equality policy, administrative agencies, cooperation, the United States, Canada, Singapore
Academic Activities
1. Domenstic Violence and Women's Shelter for the support of victims.
1. Mariko OGAWA, “Supporting progress in gender equality for women facing difficulties - through survey of Women's NGOs in the US, Canada and Japan”, Session ID 26: Women’s initiative to policy and practice in empirical studies: in qualitative research in the field of labor, activity and support, The 27th Annual Conference of the International Association for Feminist Economics, 2018.06.
2. Mariko OGAWA, “Support for Female Victims of Domestic Violence in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan -After the Great East Japan Earthquake”, Session1: Japan and China’s Support for Women, The 26th Annual Conference of the International Association for Feminist Economics, 2017.06.
3. Mariko OGAWA, “Gender Violence and Women’s Movement in Japan”, Women’s World Congress-2014, 2014.08.
4. Mariko OGAWA, “A Study Concerning Domestic Violence Victim’s Support and a Role of Private Women's Shelter in Japan”, 3rd Congress of Asian Association of Women's Studies and 9th National Conference of the Women's Studies Association of the Philippines, 2013.12.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Asian Association of Women's Studies