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List of Presentations
Caleb Carter Last modified date:2019.05.30

Lecturer / International Masters Program (IMAP) in Japanese Humanities / Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Humanities

1. Caleb Carter, The Culture of Eastern Radiance: Examining the Impact of the Tōshōgū upon Japan's Early Modern Period, Association for Asian Studies, 2013.03.
2. Caleb Carter, Tracing the Formation of a Dragon Cult in Premodern Japan, Association for Asian Studies, 2015.03.
3. Caleb Carter, Imagined Spaces and Encoded Places in the Historical Formation of Shugendō, American Academy of Religion, 2015.11.
4. Caleb Carter, Spirituality and the Contested Nature of Religion, Place, and Identity in Modern Japan, Association for Asian Studies , 2017.03.
5. Caleb Carter, Gendered Topographies in Medieval Japan: Faultlines in the Standard Narrative, American Academy of Religion , 2017.11.