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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
1 School of Law Professor Hong Pyo Lee Chinese Politics, East Asian International Relations
2 School of Law Professor Kaoru IZUMI Political theories, Korean politics, Peace studies, Local politics
3 School of Law Professor Masashi Sekiguchi History of Political Theory
4 School of Law Professor Naoki KUMANO Political History
5 School of Law Professor Nobuo Okawara Political Studies
6 School of Law Professor Seiki Okazaki Political Theory and Comparative Politics
7 School of Law Professor Toshimichi Kimura History of Western Political Thought
8 School of Law Associate Professor Jiro HASUMI Political Theory, Citizenship Education, Political Corruption, Language Education Policy
9 School of Law Associate Professor Toru OGA International Politics, Study of International Society/Community, East Asian Regionalism
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