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You can search for the researchers belonging to Kyushu University.

Search by Keyword
Enter the keyword(s) and click the Search button.

・When the search target is 'ALL'
Search results will be displayed in descending order by last modified date.

・When the search target is 'Name only'
A list of researchers will be displayed after searching by researchers' names.

Search by Organization
Please select organization you would like to know.

When you click an organization, a list of sub-organizations is displayed.
Then, when you click one of them from the list, you can see the information of the researchers belonging to the organization you selected.

Search Target
You can search based on multiple keywords in keyword searches and detailed searches by using [AND Searches].

If you would like to search for the researchers containing all of the keywords, please enter keywords separating with blank spaces.

Detailed Search
To set refined criteria for searches, please use the Detailed Search.