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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
41 School of Engineering Associate Professor Toshifumi Mori Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Biophysics
42 School of Engineering Professor Tsuyoshi Yoshitake Applied Physics, Thin Solid Films, Solid State Physics, Electric devices、sensors
43 School of Engineering Associate Professor Yamamoto Keisuke semiconductor engineering
44 School of Engineering Professor Yoshihiro KANGAWA Crystal Growth, Surface Science
45 School of Engineering Assistant Professor yoshiko katahira Functional Materials
46 School of Engineering Professor Yuji Sugihara Environmental Hydrodynamics, Global Environmental Hydraulics, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Hydraulics, Hydraulic Engineering
47 School of Engineering Associate Professor Yukihiko Yamagata Plasma Science and Technology
48 School of Engineering Professor Yukinobu Watanabe Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Data
49 School of Engineering Associate Professor Yuta Tsuji Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry
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