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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
1 School of Design Assistant Professor Sawai Ken-ichi Mathematical engineering
2 School of Design Associate Professor Ryoichi Tamura Design Management, Design Systems
3 School of Design Associate Professor Saito Toshifumi advertising design, communication design, creative direction, art direction, art curation, museum design,
4 School of Design Associate Professor Sogabe Haruka Design
5 School of Design Associate Professor Sugimoto Yoshitaka Industrial Design , Product Design, Conceptual Design, Japanese aesthetic senses
6 School of Design Professor Hirai Yasuyuki Inclusive Design, Design Thinking、Office Design,Interior Product Design,Interior Design
7 School of Design Professor SATOSHI MURAKI Erogonomics for all ages and abilities
8 School of Design Professor Takafumi Maeda Physiological Anthropology, Environmental Ergonomics, Thermal Physiology
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